Apple iPhone XS Max (Unlocked)

If you have to ask these types of questions first you should read the listing, second you don’t realize Woot is highly trustworthy and if it says new it is new if it says Apple warranty then that’s what it is, third probably just go buy it retail at carrier.

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Hi Thunderthighs, hope all is well. Can I get some help on the return policy? I have a return label but do I need to get special authorization on an open box iPhone return?

Hi there. Did you get the return label through self-service in the customer service support form? If so, you’ve got what you need. That’s considered authorization. :slight_smile:

Ordered on Tuesday, arrived today (512GB version). Love it, thanks woot!


Ordered one on last Friday. Shipped on Monday but tracking has been the"on its way to ups" status since then. No more movement on the package and no ETA is provided. Anyone can help me with the issue?

Thank you- I did get the return label. So there is no restocking fee?

is tmobile approved ?

Will you guys be getting anymore 64 gb in space gray or silver anytime soon at this price.

Hello. There’s a link at the top of the features:

Will this phone work with my carrier? Please take a look at the Carrier Attribute and refer to THIS LINK to find out!

I looked and saw this. So yes. :w_happy1: image

That’s up to customer service. I don’t have that information.

I’m sorry, we won’t have anymore 64GB or 256GB. 512GB is all that we have left.

Will we have any Gold 512 Gb back…

When is new gold 512 gb coming?

Bump! I would like to know also. I have one in my cart that i swore said it sold out june 28 and now states july 1st 10am. So today like a few hours ago there were more. Whats what?

Are the GOLD 512 GB all sold out?

I just added the last 11 units of Gold that are left. Good luck

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Are these AppleCare eligible, too?

Yes! Mine had the option in the settings area to add AppleCare+ for $199 ($299 for theft or loss coverage) for 24 months. Plus it comes up with free Apple TV channel subscription for a year.

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In the box: “EarPods with Lightning Connector” does this mean this phone can be used WITHOUT cordless earbuds?