Apple iPod 1GB Shuffle by HP


Apple iPod 1GB Shuffle by HP

$29.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished


too bad i have a 30gb 5.5g video. oh well.


Holy crap an ipod on woot, not that I would get one. 1gb for 30 bucks is a little expensive no?


By HP? Either way this old overpriced technology will still sell out.


2nd apple product on any.woot ever?


I prefer to control and setup playlists. No FM tuner.



Wow, I owned one of these a long time ago. I liked it.

For $20 shipped I might buy it again… but $35 for a left-behind generation, 1-gig ipod shuffle? Can’t justify it.


sweet now I’ll have no idea what I’m listening to! ID - NO LCD


I believe so


Had it for a while now. Ear phones still work! (Yes, the Shuffle works also.)


I’m confused. Is this an Apple or an HP? How can it be both?


aren’t the current gen only 49.99 with free shipping?


can it play songs in alphabetical order?


The last time woot sold ipods, I think apple released a new product or reduced prices right after. Wonder if the same will happen this time?


There was a 1gb Sandisk on woot the other day for $10- and it had an LCD, FM Tuner, and Recorder… This old ipod seems like a waste of money to me.


How is it that this Apple product is “by HP”?


yes they announced 2 gig version and reduced 1 gig price


apple junk do-not-want



it will play a album track 1thru 10 or shuffle, but you cant see what your doing.