Apple iPod 30GB Video


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Apple iPod 30GB Video, for $129.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x White (MA444LL/A) or Black (MA146LL/A) Apple 30gb 5th Generation iPod

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Someone post the details for posterity:

Apple 30gb…
Price: unknown and unavailable
Number sold: 0

Let’s see if that’s a good deal: ??

Great Item. Great Price, but I’m good with my Zune from past Woot and all it’s little Sansa children.

Will this work with Vista?

In for one. What the heck – now I’ll finally have something that works with the SonicImpact V55 I bought ages ago that turned out to not work with my 160GB Classic. At this price, I could always change my mind and give it as a gift.

Wow, yesterday’s authors made me laugh hysterically and forward chain letters to all my friends pleading them to read it. Today’s make me sad. Now I’m going to bed sad. Thanks, Woot.

Thanks for nuthin’.

Apple’s refurbs are actually usually a much safer buy than their new items. Think about it. Do new items get checked for problems? No. Do the refurbs? Multiple times.

Meh. 28 minutes of refreshing… for this?

Don’t get me wrong, I like running Linux and Doom as much as the next guy, but not enough for this price.

Anyone got any idea if you can purchase extended applecare warranty for this product?

GAH i just bought an 80 gb at the apple store by me. then again i’d have this thing filled by next week oh well.

These gen 5 units work with all the cool accessories. The “classic” is crippled with an authentication chip that shuts down external video unless you buy the overpriced apple docks or 50 dollar cable.

If you have the bucks the Ipod Touch is a really slick device though. Lots of applications and a bigger video screeen.

Meh, I am waiting for another Zune so I can get my wife one.

Should be no problem. But is it worth the $59 or whatever AppleCare costs to protect a $135 investment? For that price, I’ll take my chances and just buy a different iPod if this one craps out after the one-year warranty is up.

So, I’m confused. If this is a 30GB iPod Video, why would you need the thing that is on Sellout.Woot? Sure it will make the screen bigger but wouldn’t that be better for an iPod that is not video compatible. My head hurts now…

You answered your own question: to make the video bigger. An iPod that’s not video-compatible wouldn’t benefit from a bigger screen because it won’t output video. Your question makes MY head hurt. L-O-L! :wink:

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What did your wife do to piss you off? :wink:

Does it come with a “refurbished” sticker or similar marking on the iPod itself? Or, is it on the cardboard refurb box?