Apple iPod 30GB Video

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Refurbished Apple iPod 30GB Video, for $129.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x White (MA444LL/A) or Black (MA146LL/A) Apple 30gb 5th Generation iPod

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Sounds like a good price, though they are dated technology

Finally Woot!!! Will this work with Iphone… NO!

This was the good iPod. The 6G Classic was slow and terrible; the 5G always worked.

Well at least it isn’t a Sansa

nice, in for one…

Got me a SanDisk for $4.99 here a while back… still kickin!

Scared of a refurb iPod… eek!

if only it was an iPod touch . The hd ones are getting too heavy.

I believe this can be rockboxed.
Not in the market, though, I’m rocking my rockboxed refurb Sansa from a couple weeks ago.

i got one of these the last time they were wooted…works decently, but even with just playing music i never have quite gotten that 14 hours of playback out of it.

already bought two like a month ago! thanks woot!

I have one of these. I want a nano - smaller, easier to tote around

Only 3 stars on Buzzillions. What gives?

Why would I buy this for 130$?! I bet I could go on ebay or craigslist and get better.

TPH i would prefer a sansa, im building a woot collection.
so far i have 4.
dont judge me, so far its still a 1/3 of an ipod.

I got a 5.5G the last time it was offered in combination with a video player on sellout.woot! . . . the iPod on here lasted until about 3PM EDT, so act accordingly.

$135 is a great deal–haven’t seen anything anywhere close–and I haven’t had any problems with the respiffed! item. I bought an Agent18 case to protect it and haven’t looked back–there’s a reason that Apple has nearly 80% of the hard drive mp3 player market!

Can any previous buyers of a respiffied unit opine on the battery life? I’m close to buying one of these, but would hate to be inheriting a battery which isn’t long for this world…

i wouldn’t plan on buying an ipod until after the iPod press event on the 9th…

Amen brother! (or sister!)