Apple iPod 30GB Video

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Apple iPod 30GB Video
$99.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 White (MA444LL/A) or Black (MA146LL/A) Apple 30gb 5th Generation iPod

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This is the last good iPod Classic produced. All the rest are either too graphic-y (Classic 6G), need my eyes to look at what I’m doing (Touch/iPhone) or just look bad (Classic 6G, every nano ever).

no thanks. i already have a 16gb iPhone and a 160gb iPod Classic. Thanks anyways!

Good price, even for a refurb. Do these support video out?

yay Ipods!
Dont need anymore tho

“Hey bill i need help programming my zune, oh wait i have an ipod like the rest of the world!”

These are pretty nice actually. I could have sworn they were just at 16 or 20 gigs, but not 30gb? Looks like they will keep making bigger ones until people stop buying them, lol.

can i trade in my brown zune for this? i’ll even pay the difference :>

I have the black one already. Good to go, no thanks.

Wow. That’s a pretty good deal on some iPods that get down to the basics.

If I didn’t want bloatware on my computer (iTunes) and had a Sandisk Sansa, I’d contemplate one of these.

What Generation is this? NEVERMIND I FOUND IT…it helps if I read…

i love it, best write-up ever. Millard must be a douche.

ipod touch is better

and i just sold my 30 gig on ebay for $112.50
but you could probably find a better deal on craigslist or ebay for a 30 gig than 105

i know someone who sold an 80 gig for 110

Hm I might get this because I recently lost my iPod- I’ll have to think about it :confused:

Ummmm, are you sure I can’t get black earbuds?

Yes they do!

So, what you’re saying is… it doesn’t come with black headphones? (ducking)


5th generation…maybe 5.5 but theres no significant difference

bought a black one 2 years ago 300$. still working great. recommended product. price is pretty good.