Apple iPod 3rd Generation 4gb Nano



Apple iPod 3rd Generation 4gb Nano

$104.99 + $5 shipping

condition: Refurbished


No thanks, already got mah zoone.


Shazbot = my favorite word besides ‘bangarang.’ Props to Woot for using it. :slight_smile:


Great price. On Apple’s site its $130 for a refurb. Link:




For four gigs, refurbed? Lulz.


$20 off but you don’t get the full one year warranty? No thanks.


Just ordered some Nike ID wit the + feature. This is VERY tempting to add to my workout routine… Plus, I’m long since tired of my Sansa SanDisk. Won’t replace my Zune though…


This is not a bad price for a 3rd Generation refurb 4gb ipod. It is cheaper then apple sells it for at 129.99.


only 90 days of apple warranty?
apple has 1 year for refub


I thought apple refurbs had standard 1yr warranty?


Bangarang! <3


If it were cheaper.

Rather pony up the $25 for a real warranty.


Interesting that the details state a 90 day Apple warranty applies, but if you buy a refurb from Apple, it gets a 1 year warranty, same as new. A great pice though if you don’t want the other funky colors.


would this be a good price to buy one for a friend? Or head out to the stores and wait for a 10% off sale they like to have?


lol, the sansa that was on woot last week was half the price with 2gb more capacity and a microsd card slot.


Not a bad price…if you really really want an iPod nano and only have $105 to your name.

Other than that, I’d much rather spend the extra $40-$50 for a new, fully warrantied nano. Given that these us a flash drive with no moving parts, it seems to me the only reasons for refurbing would have to be pretty catastrophic.

P.S. Buy the touch. It rocks my world.


steve jobs has officially boughten woot.


Buy the new ones friend. Buy the new ones. Especially for a gift. It’s one thing if a refurb fails on you, then you’re the only sad one feeling dumb. But if it goes bonkers on your friend, you get the additional benefit of looking cheap and and feeling shitty.


3rd Generation you guys.