Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano

[shrug] I gave up trying to figure it out along time ago. It’s a small inconvenience. Compared to some of the other stupid Windows bullshit that i’ve had to surmount, it’s nothing.

yeah, even though I don’t work full-time in PC repair anymore i know what you mean.

does this work witht the nike shoes like the older nano??

You should check out the Creative Labs players, especially the models that have their incredible ‘equalizer’ functions. They really enrich the sound of compressed digital ‘music’, especially mp3’s, which sound like AM radio to me on a regular mp3 player. Personally, I don’t see any value in getting locked into a proprietary encoding scheme like Apple uses either. …I’m just sayin…

Ugh, no Apple, please. Even at this price it’s over-priced and under-featured.

couldn’t agree more; 80gigs hold my life and more

I gotta thank WOOT for my black Zune…Gotsta pass on this one!

I can’t say much about the price (or the refurb) but I got a brand new 8g for $75 (it’s all about connections and who you know). The first thing I did was download the digital copy of Family Guy Blue Harvest on it and watched it on a road trip (no I wasn’t driving for you safety people out there) but I had it hooked up to the Philips FM Transmitter that I got off here and had the sound going thru the car speakers. Good times.

I love my zune as well. Thanks woot!

nothing can compare to an Ipod. It’s not just an 8gb mp3 player. Its so excellently intuitive and simple and elegant that I would tell you to shove your zune somewhere in particular, except for the fact that the STUPIDLY BULKY pos Microsoft attempt at competition would never fit up your tight specified orifice. Quit your bitching and buy one.

im alright with my zune ;D

I’m afraid I would accidentally break this little thing.

I am a daily Woot Worshipper, but since Yahoo bought Woot I am seeing a lot of refurb stuff and cheap stuff. I use to like Woot for all the interesting electronic stuff they would have atleast few times a week. And the price was a “no comparison” to others.

I paid $40 less for my brand new 30 GB zune
and I like the zune

Why would someone spend this kind of money for an Ipod when you can get much better deals on Zunes and other brands that have hi capacity storage?

brand new on amazon now: 139 for 4gb; 179 for 8gb. free shipping.

I thought Woot was gonna rickroll us for a second there.

everyone do yourself a favor, and spend an extra $100 to get the 80gb ZUNE. bigger and better screen. wireless syncing and user friendly.

so true.

Rule #1: Someone on these forums will inevitably have owned whatever mp3 player you’re looking at and hated it; take advice with a grain (or boulder) of salt;

Rule #2: Keep in mind that the newer high capacity iPods and such are meant as video players as well; a full length movie runs about 1 GB, so a few movies can really add up to a fair amount of HD space.

I’ve owned 3 ipods, liked them, but not so much that (imo) they’re worth the nearly 100% premium that you pay for the Apple brand name. For your first, a cheap Sansa player would likely work out really well; keep your eyes open on Woot especially during woot-offs.