Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano


Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano, for $129.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Apple 3rd Generation iPod 8GB Nano

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or wait for the Iphone on the 7th


$199 new, nice woot!


$149 direct from apple with 1 year warranty rather than woot’s 90 day warranty. No thanks.


the $149 is for the 4GB Nano, not the 8GB. The 8GB is $199. Please don’t post misleading information.


Uh wrong. The refurb price is $149 on Apple’s site. Look it up. So no, not misleading at all.


can’t we all just get along?


Oh then I apologize. I didn’t see the refurbs. I assumed you were talking about the normal 4gb nano at $149. My bad.


What? No Pink?!


Carp deal, if you ask me, given that they’ve sold 8GB Sansa e280’s for about $70.

ABI comparison

The only difference I see is that the Nano has a larger screen (320x240 vs. 220x176) and supports H.264 in OF vs. MPEG-2 in Rockbox.

Weigh that against the lack of microSD expandability, FM tuner, microphone, or user-replaceable battery.

I’d pass. I don’t think the larger screen would be worth the extra $60 for me.

Perhaps the Sansa View, with its larger (240x320) screen and more OF video formats, would be a more valid comparison (especially if it eventually gets Rockbox ported for the extra audio formats). How long before Woot gets some of these respiffied?


not too shabby woot, I wouldn’t mind one of these if I didn’t just buy a sansa from you guys


The extra 9 months in warranty is unlikely to come into play. I’d take the slight gamble and go for this if I hadn’t bought one 4 days ago. d’oh!


Tempting, but I’ll pass.
Already got a Zune from Woot and I like it.


This is a really good deal in my opinion!! The only downside to this is the warranty…but I’m willing to take my chances. :slight_smile: Totally excited because I was just about to buy the 4GB last week, and decided to wait, WOOHOOO Go green


Anyone know if there is some sort of Rockbox like thing that can be used with this?

Being tied to Itunes is a pain IMO. I don’t want to have to install it on every PC I hook this up to.


Every September Apple comes out with a slightly improved model with twice the capacity for the same price or slash the price by half.

September 2005, Gen 1 Nano 2GB for $199.
September 2006, Gen 2 Nano 4GB for $199.
September 2007, Gen 3 Nano 8GB for $199.

$129 is a good deal but I’ll wait another 3 months for the 4th Gen Nano. At the current trend, an 8GB model will drop to $149 brand-new. Looking at how much an improvement the 3rd Gen is over the 2nd, I’ll wait.


Just to clarify, Rockbox gets installed on the MP3 player, not on the PC.

Rockbox works on earlier iPods, but not this generation.

You need a media player/syncer that works with iPods; supposedly WinAmp works with iPods, but you’ll have to check it out.


Do the Nano refubs come in an official Apple Nano box? How exactly are the refurbs? They aren’t scratched or anything like that, right?


If you don’t want iTunes, just download songbird and get the iPod plug in. It works great.