Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano

This does not seem like a great deal

is this compatible with my ipod?

Black is gone already??

Is this Sansa-compatible?

Wow not bad … must resist.

Holy crip its a crapple.


after the red “crash” car - i thought it was Blue Oyster Cult time fo’ sho’…

DONT BUY! got one of these last time, DOA! apple gave a hard time to return!

oh wait, woot off? BUY BUY BUY

Tempted. Will keep my Zune.

Oh no, not this shit. Just END IT NOW

Is this Mac compatible?

Will this work on a MAC

sorry had to

i agree at least it’s not sansa…

Can I have some syrup with my WTF

more crap to buy

SOMEONE PLEASE IP BAN THE BOTS, they KILL the sites bandwidth when new products refresh.

Good price if you want one.

ya, that was weird with the speaker/car thing…

Meh, not a bad deal but I’d rather buy one for $150 from Apple and get the one-year warranty.