Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

Refurbished Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano, for $124.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Apple iPod 3rd Generation 8GB Nano

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Cool! Apple Rules!, Thanks Woot!

tons of reviews on Amazon and they’re all good. 4.5 or higher…

4.8-ish on Buzzillions too…

p.s. happy bday america.

How well can you see the screens outside?

Wasn’t there a time when all the Wooters were complaining there were no iPods on Woot? And now listen to ya. There is no making you Wooters happy.

I’d be in for one if the price was a little better. I’d rather just spend $20 more and get the same thing from Apple with more color options and a MUCH longer warranty.


… does it work with a…


Seriously, though… pretty good deal if you want a refurb. Apple sells their own refurbs and an 8GB nano of the current (third) generation, refurbed, from Apple, will run you $149. So this may very well be a sweet deal if you’re in the market for such a thing.

What is an iPod and how do they spawn? Three generations for the Nano family? Damn, they multiply quickly…

I’m fairly capable of viewing my nano’s screen outside, unless I have sunglasses on (polarized lenses and whatnot).

Not for me… Last bought one last time and it had two scratches and was infected with a worm. The refurb company stated that since the damage was ‘cosmetic’ and the device booted, I was SOL…

Better to buy from Apple.

I picked up one of these a couple of months ago from woot. its works great. except the USB cable it came with was faulty. it wouldn’t connect to the computer right and the computer wouldn’t recognize the iPod. went to the store and bought a wall charge for the ipod and it came with the USB cable attachment. so use that now. 20 bucks more but still cheaper than buying its off the shelf.

Does this 8GB nano come in pink? Maybe you can buy this one, then pull some super sneaky sneaks and exchange it at target or some used electronics store or whatever for a pink one. I don’t know, i’m just sayin. I think people would want a pink one.

Want but rumor has a refresh of the lower end ipod lineup at the end of this month.

Is only rumor but that and the fact that other retailers seem to be blowing out their refurbs too…

90 day non apple warranty is a put off too - got a scratched up refurb zune from woot too - gonna pass.

zomg you gotz teh ipod

don’t buy a refurb from woot, they are all scratched up, why wouldn’t I buy one from ebay if it is used? cheaper on ebay too

Finally got the (also respiffed, also Woot) Sansa 8GB yesterday (don’t ask where it got sent to!). 5/8th of the price or so and a better player. I have the 3rd gen nano and it is pretty carp not that it is a bad player, but it is not that good. Sound quality is OK, but it does not compare well with the better players (Cowon/Iaudio or Iriver for example). Clickwheel is really awful if you do sports, it does not respond to sweaty fingers. the clickwheel also dies very fast, after 7 months it often refuses to go back/forward so you have to use the menu to go through the playlist. Of course if you shuffle songs, well you just have to wait until the song is over…
Yes, the nano is really light, its LCD is good and its extensive support for playlists is useful. Just get Winamp to manage the damn thing, Itunes is total rubbish, in my 15years of PC experience this was the first program that has defeated me, I was not able to install its iteration 7.5 + and was so glad to remove it from my PC.
Would I trust a reFurby from Apple, not really, since the original is already quite weak, I don’t think they will fare very well.
The Sansa e200 they had here is a much more solid build. granted it is heavier, but in this case it makes you feel safer about the original build of the product.

I just got the SanDisk video 4gb via woot. plus the girlie already got the 8gb nano for $200 plus at BestBuy. Passing on this so I’m not an mp3/video player pack rat.

Where’d you get the dead cat? Looks fresh.

129+ 20 =x= 199 ???

its an 8gig