Apple iPod 80GB Video



Can you use software other than iTunes to manage your iPod content?


Can I get this with black head phones? Or is that a bad question to ask?


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I’ve been through four ipods. All 4th generation, granted, but all had HD failures. I’m not hard on them, but walking and actually working are two things that seem incompatible for them.

With that said, i also don’t listen to my music as much as i did when i had a functional ipod. I’ve got a Sansa from woot for running and a USB key full o’ crud for in the car, just don’t really have a need for an iPod any more.


Beat me to it.


RhythmBox, Amarok, Winamp, and Songbird will all manage your tunes on iPods. There are almost certainly more than just those, but it’s a decent start. They may not do the dynamic playlists as well as iTunes does though (top 25, etc.).


I’ve had a nano for about 4 years now, never had any of the issues that the bigger ipods have had.


Whenever you see something on Woot…you know it just never caught on…


Don’t bother. The earbuds I got with my ipod are so horrible I never ever want to use them. The earbuds I got with my zune however I use all the time…


This is pretty tempting. A short while ago my music collection was just under 80GB, now it’s over 112GB (I’ve downloaded a lot more lossless tracks). I was waiting around to buy a refurb from Apple but the price was always just a bit too high for me. However,w/Apple the warranty is a year, here it’s only ninety days.

Can anyone recommend an MP3 player that holds ~80GB or more for a similar price tag to this one?


wow, where can I get those sweet LeakFrog tunes?


Look into zune’s…I got new one 120GB from Dell for $164 (including tax and shipping)…they are bound to come around on Woot for $120 soon.


I need a new ipod, and I like the big capacity, but I’m not interested in video. Will woot have a better deal for me next week?


Is the Apple iPod Bluetooth capable, and the Sansa Fuze?


nanos will definitely have less problems due to their memory: flash memory. Ipod videos use actual hard drives that will become damaged with a lot of movement, hence the image you get when you shake it too much. if you want something to listen to while running/exercising/etc, definitely go with nano, itouch, or any of the flash-memory mp3 players. ipod videos would be more suitable for stationary listening or very limited movements.

also, apple refurbs have excellent reputations as they will honor them without a doubt at their retail locations! so those of you afraid that it is a refurb, really, you shouldnt have anything to worry about. i personally dont have much of a need for them (sansa for workouts…) but just wanted to give my $0.02.


Neither of the two woot DAPs have bluetooth as an included feature.


No Bluetooth on these older iPods. I have the 30GB model and it’s served me well for 2-1/2 years. Maybe this 80GB has a better battery, buy mine would only ever run one movie before dying. If you get one, get a case and screen protector for it (I got mine from iFrogz); it will definitely extend the life of your iPod.


I have had a lot of issues with the ipod video classic (as in, have sent it in with severe battery issues 4 times, no seriously); finally gave up and got a Zune 80 off of woot about a month ago. The Zune 80 has been by far a better experience, haven’t quite had it long enough for any major issues to come to light, but so far it has been my experience that the Zune 80 is better quality, and I like it’s interface, etc. much better. Don’t jump me for being a Microsoft “fanboy”, because I am not. Just giving you my experiences with both devices. If you are looking for a discounted 80 gb music player, given the choice between the ipod and Zune, take the Zune…you can probably find it for a similar price somewhere as they discontinued it because of Zune HD.


Any of the iPods at or above this capacity will support video. No one is going to make you put videos on it though.