Apple iPod 8GB nano (Current Generation) with 7 Accessories

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Apple iPod 8GB nano (Current Generation) with 7 Accessories
$159.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Impressive, most impressive. Woot’s selling a NEW iPod nano, which alone retails for $149 + tax at Apple. That comes to about $165 here in Arizona. So all that extra junk costs you less than $10, a great deal if you’re one of those suckers that buys everything at retail.

not a good deal. this combined junk is worth $10 max and the nano has been much cheaper on occasion than $149

$10 more than just the regular nano, depends on whether you like the accessories, or whether you want it before the next one comes out

(The above is a cheapshot at SmartPost)

this doesn’t seem like a very good deal…
$149 from apple, minus some accessories perhaps? why should we buy this from you woot?

So I finally CAN have Woot’s iPod? Sweet!

Agh! I’m so compelled to buy this – been looking for a nano deal for a while – but I really don’t think the accessories are worth the extra 10 bucks. I would rather just get a good deal on the nano alone, and considering I’m not going to use any of the accessories (no car) I think I’m going to have to pass. Besides, I’d rather use my touch for road trips.

Quick Review: Newest Generation Nano is the best iPod i’ve had. I currently own every shuffle and 5th Gen iPod Video.

My favorite feature is being able to use the FM radio and tag songs on the radio for later purchase on iTunes. Bueno!

The only downside is this doesn’t play videos, but on a screen that size, I really don’t care.

Also, this is a great deal since the iPod alone is $149 + tax from Apple.

All that extra junk can be bought for $10! AmAZON sells a new blue one for $141.92 free shipping, no tax to most places.

So hey, will this work with my Macbook Pro?

the only way this could be a greater hipster experience is if you’re drinking a PBR while ordering from your mom’s basement


I’d like to hold out for a refurbed Sansa woot.

However, just the other my wife and I were wondering how old our ipod nano is, and best we can figure, it is a second generation.

I wonder if this is a sign that we need to upgrade?

iLounge review



Is it just me or does this thing kind of look like Wall-E?


Woot - do you understand there is a large amount of people here who DO NOT LIKE apple #@$& and prefer other devices? Bah I say!

I know this is and iPod, but how about some stuff for droids? I see apple this and that and accessories, docks, etc. It would be cool to see something I could put a galaxy s into - oh wait - I guess I can use the headphone jack and put it in my 1 billion watt home theater system :slight_smile: Still, IMO Apple fails on multiple levels. They may have a few good products, but not enough for me (or a lot of people to go buy them)


Yeah, totally not the best deal. Amazon itself has them for $139-142 right now depending on the color, brand new. So it just depends if you want woot’s extra junk (hehe).