Apple iPod 8GB nano (Current Generation) with 7 Accessories

Will this be laser engraved for free by Woot monkeys?

Normally I would look up some reviews on Buzzillions or Alatest and post the link. But I don’t even have to look and I can tell you that the reviews online are very impressive.

  1. This is NOT refurb, its new + accessories

  2. anyone know if they have found a way to “jailbreak” this yet? I really want an address book/calendar on it.

Is all that crap really worth an extra $10? NOPE!!

Speaking from experience, a quality arm band that doubles as a non-band protective encasement is easily worth 29.99 retail.

So in effect, yes these add-ons are worth more than $10 but it will depend on whether you value them at retail. My motto: never pay retail.

YouTube video

Here’s another video


The nearly dead batteries in all of the pictures are a deal killer for me. I hate having to wait to play with stuff when it comes in the mail because it doesn’t come pre-charged.

We’re not legally allowed to let the monkeys have lasers any more. That was an important lesson.

Nobody believes in retail on woot.

I bought my wife the identical iPod 8GB Nano for $137 (rare sale) at Fry’s. The screen protectors,silicone case, car adapter, and armband are ALL easily more than $10. I’d argue we paid $10 alone for the case, $5 for the screen protectors, never mind the car adapter and arm band.

Finding iPods on sale isn’t the easiest. While Apple MSRP is $149, the accessories here are a fairly good deal (IF you really need the accessories).

Anyone who says you can buy all those accessories for $10 is either mistaken or careless in their estimation.

Lastly, at $159, this is a good deal, but I wouldn’t call it GREAT.

What sort of plug do these guys use, is it the headphone jack one like the old ones used?

Over-priced piece of junk.

Had a 16GB version of this. Bought brand new from the Apple store.

3 days later, every time I turned it on it was a white screen, and then occasionally it did work, but all of the text was backwards.

Returned it under warranty, got another one.

The next one I got had the same problem, but it didn’t occasionally work, it always had the white screen.

After this I just wanted my money back, but apparently if you replace it under warranty once already then you aren’t allowed to get a refund if the second one messes up. So I wound up screwed.

Would not recommend.

If the earphones don’t match the color of the iPod, I’m passing.

As others have said, no - not the best deal. Even wally-world online has this bundle for under $150.


Anyone have experience with the FM transmitter? What is fixed frequency?

Similar accessory bundles are available on Ebay with 5-19 various items for $7 to $19 including shipping. Here is an armband bundle with AC and DC chargers,screen protectors and audio cable for $7.59 and free shipping. Ebay item number 370482558290

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Anyone who says you can’t buy all those accessories for $10 is either mistaken or careless in THEIR estimation.LOOK ON EBAY before making your post nest time.See Ebay item 370482558290 for one of hundreds of examples. The nano can be bought new on amazon for $141.92 with free shipping so no this is not a great deal.

Anyone know if the armband can double as a tourniquet?

Wow… I sound like a drug addict.

Oh well…