Apple iPod Mini 4GB



Nice! Looks like it’s MP3 Monday!!!

There is my neighbor Nursultan Tuliakbay, he is still pain in my assholes. I get iPod, he get iPod mini. Everybody know iPod mini is for girl!


Pure win. In for 3.


I have one of these, nice, but I like my Sansa better.


So, uh, are they all blue?


And that is pretty expensive for a questionable battery life.


i had one of those for the longest time…eventually got a new one for a birthday, gave it to my sister, still works perfectly, i love it, went through hell and back and still worked…great product, great price…


I just got a refurb 2nd Gen Nano 4gig for $100, with the full warranty, plus a nicer screen, plus it’s not fugly.


My sister had a mini…but she made my dad buy her a nano cause the mini “was too big” - She felt undervalued using it at school.


Let me ask: Vista?


Umm… 30gb zunes with color screens and ability to play video go for $20 more… WHY would anyone buy this? To “kick it old school”?

iPod nanos aren’t much more and again, color screens, video etc.


Here’s the froogle.

It doesn’t seem that bad, except it has no video… XD


Why does this require a firewire or usb port/card to run? I mean I can understand the usb need, but why firewire?


I had a Mini before I bought a full Video. Never had issues with it, which is surprising considering the abuse I put it through. I still have it and it works perfectly. It’s a great player.


Forgive me, but I have to disagree. I bought the 80gb, the support was horrible, and all the hours of research on line with the zune gurus, still could not put humpty zune-dumpty back together again. It’s Microsoft, so what did I expect. Still, thought it was an awesome looking player though. Did not buy an Ipod either. Way too much for what you get with those clowns. People just haven’t learned yet. (c:-

peace out!


Warning: These ipod (STRIKE)nanos(STRIKE) crash on certain songs.

#I have a silver 2g ipod. I listen to jpop from music I downloaded and ripped. Some of these songs crash the iPod back to boo-up apple logo. Any music-only player that crashes the firmware is useless in my eyes.

#Also, these newer ipods CANNOT run rockbox. I’ve tried.

Spoke too soon. They are the Minis. I misread the headline, whoops. Ignore this comment.


uhhhh… try 99.95 on special for silver & pink. others are 114.95.


You are in serious need of psychiatric help if you buy this for $85
You can get a NEW 30GB Zune for $85.




Where? Can you please post the link?