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Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation [Refurbished] - $89.99 + $5 shipping

1 * Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation with Video Camera and FM Tuner

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Has anyone tried the iOS4 on this baby? I bet it just hums!

Product Website

But…but…but…its not a sansa!

Some YouTube videos:

first look


iFixit Disassembly

and the cnet review

gizmodo review

Not a bad price. $95 is better than $150 (or more for tax and shipping by Apple). Already have an iPod, but just saying.

discussed on this Apple forum

refurbs of this same product are $99.00 on the apple website. So yeah, Woot! beats them by about $4 (with free shipping, but plus tax in some states), but the Apple one has a year warranty vs. 90 days. Take your pick, I’d be in for one but I own an old-school 2nd-gen already.
Apple Store

Is anyone not able to get on original right now? I can access all of the other woots, and I can even see what is on the main woot through the other pages, but I cannot get to Always get a problem loading page…

Same here (near Los Angeles). Half the Internet is inaccessible right now - cannot get to the New York Times, but can get to the BBC. Cannot get to sprint. I’m guessing a backbone issue.

TimeWarner by chance? It did that for us on Monday night. Started at midnight (thank you very much!) and was fixed by about 2am. I figured they were doing some maintenance.

Time Warner, yes, but I’m not sure it is their fault (this time). I tried some traceroutes and things fizzle out beyond their network.

Hmmm. Sounds the same as what we had here. Very random on sites. worked but none of the Woot sites. Google but not FoxNews.

Good luck!


Yes, a complete mixed bag:

Amazon - no
Slashdot - yes
Reddit - yes
NY times - no
Google - yes
Woot - no

And during a woot-off too. Might as well go to bed.

Save me a B of C :slight_smile:

You … you want me to take a dump into a bag and send it to you? Sigh, I just don’t get the internet.

Including shipping this is only $5 less expensive than buying it straight from Apple Refurbished iPod nano 8GB Black 5th generation - Apple

was indeed time warner in LA. Fixed now and they are saved me my BOC :slight_smile: