Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation

Is this Mac compatible?

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Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation
$89.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple iPod Nano 8GB, 5th Generation with Video Camera and FM Tuner

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HERE WE GO. Now THIS, this is a good deal.

Weak! The speaker dock linked in the description is gone! Glad I didn’t pull the trigger too soon!

Can we use the Lanyards from the last Bag of Carp with these?

Its only 10 dollars cheaper than apple.

after the towels come the…spoils?

Description lies: “silver, purple, pink, orange, green, black and blue all say really complimentary stuff, so those are the only colors we’re making available”

Not True, only black and purple are available

I bought this during the last Wootoff. I believe it was the last item sold before the monkeys.

$99 with 1 year warranty ar appledotcom

Is good deal?

Those went quick…

Liking my recent Sansa Fuze purchase more and more.

Holding out for an 80 or 120 gig ZUNE. Well past capacity on my 30 gig (purchased here 3 years ago in it’s initial offering, incidentally), but no one seems to be selling them anymore now that the Zune HDs are out.

What do you mean I can’t change the color of the ear buds?

So true. Last Zune was last week - 4GB on woot & 8GB on sellout.

only $5 cheaper than from Apple, when you add shipping from woot. C’mon, now, woot. You can do better than that!