Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB – 4th Gen

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Apple iPod Shuffle 2GB - 4th Gen
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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These things are still around?

why are things going out so quickly?

you can buy a pretty big MicroSD card with 45 dollars… just sayin’

I remember 6th generation ones earlier in the woot-off. moving down the chain I guess.

should sell fast its crapple

These make EXCELLENT drink coasters. In for three!

Everywoot I’m shufflin!

Where’s my sweet, sweet Sansa?


To keep us hanging on…

$1 less than amazon

Most likely leftovers from previous Woots that didn’t sell out.

Must be spring clearance… waiting for something i need!

3 different color choices instead of 3 items, these may take a while

A lot of the last few items appeared to be Canceled items from woot-off’s past. When that happens they will have 1-20 of the item for sale. Sometimes during a wootoff they will try to sell 10 items in an hour. this seems to be one of those times

To keep us awake. (Not sure it’s working)

It’s what they did last wootoff during the late night. So we didn’t keep staring at the same thing til the morning. They probably have more and will put them on tomorrow.

$30 on Amazon…