Apple iPod Shuffle 4th Gen - 2GB

F5’in until some carrots pop up.

Will this work with mac?

This seems to be regular price.

iPods, Knives and mice. Looks like a typical woot-off to me.

newegg has it for the same price, but free 2-day shipping…

Do people still use iPods?

New goes for about $46.00 is lowest I’ve seen and that is not including shipping. Here is it $45.00 with shipping.

Will this work with my PC?

quite a good deal if you factor in the woot stat you get for purchasing something…

for $5 more you can get an accessory kit with it elsewhere

Buy the shuffle, but purchase the music from Amazon. Just say NO to Apple’s $&@% proprietary music format!!!

$40 boat anchor!

Best Buy reg price is $49.99, on sale for $46.99. If you still have a woot coupon for free shipping, this would be a good deal.

Compared to the iPod Touches and Classics (heck even the Nanos) and all of the Android, SanDisk, Microsoft, etc. stuff out there…

…these things are basically low-capacity aluminum SD cards with buttons on them.

One dollar more on Amazon…

Don’t forget the vacuum

It’s the regular price. Just not a Woot thing…

How big is the screen?

2 gigs
…rip-off, even on sale.