Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation (S&D)

Note that this generation didn’t make the cut for compatibility with iOS 9, the latest.

It didn’t make the cut for compatibility with anything higher than iOS 6.1.6. The latest versions of most of the popular apps won’t even run on it, unless you jailbreak it, and then the hardware is probably too slow to run them anyway.

Does this require any sort of data plan? Looking to get something like this for young kids to have a “play phone” but will also keep them entertained.

No. It’s not an iPhone … it only does WiFi and doesn’t communicate over cell phone networks.

Wow, just got mine and it’s so beat up I would’nt pay $10 for one like this. Total JUNK Woot. Not a happy buyer.

I’m still waiting for mine. Ordered 3 models over 2 days, only received the last one I ordered. First two never went past “label printed” Sadly having very bad luck with orders the last 2 months :frowning:

Just opened my boxes and tried to set them up for my kids. NOTHING will run on these. They are completely and totally useless, and require itunes password five or six times before even attempting to load anything. No kindle, no ibooks, no temple run, no minecraft. Candy crush did install.

Off to Amazon to buy tablets, I guess. This sucks so much.

Make sure you go into iTunes on your computer and add the item as a new device. That might clear up the password issues.