Apple iPod touch (4th Generation)

Specs for all of these say “in the box…8GB iPod Touch.” Are there actually 16 and 32GB models available?

What is the warranty with this item?

is this ipod good? i m reading negatives reviews about the camera…Thank you

Can you put non Itunes MP3s on this player? I have a collection of music (of course) but no Itunes account. Should I buy this, or is this a waste of money?

You’ll need iTunes on a computer to put non-iTunes Music Store music on it.

Yes, just select the “Capacity” for 16GB or 32GB. I’ll have someone take a peek at the “In the Box”.

UPDATE: “In the Box” has been updated; thanks for the heads up.

90 Day Woot Warranty and the optional Square Trade extended warranty.

This generation of ipod no longer gets updates from apple. It is becoming obsolete and hard to use. My kids each have one and are sad about this.

that is surprising…sounds like they will ALL be obsolete in the near future…i better hang on to my sansa Fuze

For what it’s worth I generally recommend that anyone looking for an iPod touch just head down to best buy and pickup a cheap No-Contract Android phone. The amount of flexibility is great. You can regularly pickup a Moto E with SD Card slot for $29.99. Sometimes they go for as low as $15. There are also other options from a number of brands (ZTE, Huawei, Alcatel). I prefer Motorola because I have experience with the devices and know they are a good quality/value proposition.

I use App-Locker to keep the kids from installing or running anything without approval.

Here’s a link to Android phones currently available for under $25.

Under $25!

Under $50