Apple iPod Touch 8GB (Current Generation)

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Apple iPod Touch 8GB (Current Generation)
$129.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MC086LL/A iPod Touch 8GB (Current Generation)

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Here’s Amazon

Anyone else notice all of Woot crash?

The Woot servers definitely took a dump tonight, huh?

Anyway, this is a better deal than from Apple themselves. Check it out:

That’s the refurb from Apple, so it’s a direct comparison.

Also keep in mind that they usually release an updated version of the iPod touch in early September.

or you could subscribe to comcast cable’s triple play fro a two year contract and receive one of these as a bonus gift

Product Website

It’s worth pointing out that while this is a “current generation” model, it has the processing power of the 2nd generation of iPod touch, not the 3rd. This puts it somewhere between the iPhone 3G and the 3GS in terms of graphics abilities. That makes it fine for most things, but some newer games may not run, or have some graphical features disabled.


Anyone know how this price compares to what a new one goes for, what a refurb one goes for elsewhere, and what Woot has sold this for previously?

So I assume that the silence in here confirms that there is some issue with the woot! servers after the regularly scheduled maintenance tonight?

Looks like a pretty sweet price on the iTouch…wish I could get my order to go through…

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This is a good product. I purchased one for my daughter and son and they both love it. Looks like a great price as on EBay used they seem to go for around $111 to $130 not including shipping. I found one for example at $125 + shipping, but it also has about 11 months of AppleCare left on it. In any case this looks like a great deal; bear in mind it is likely Apple is planning on announcing something new soon, as it has been longer than usual since they announced a new iPod. Reference for EBAY iPod:

New ones are $199 on Apple site. These things are awesome, I just love mine to pieces. Tons of fun, I can’t put it down.

Here’s a C-Net video review

It may be 110+ degrees in Phoenix every day, but this deal will make Christmas shopping 50% complete.

I realize that there is a real chance there will be a better iPod Touch deal in the next 5 months, but it won’t be much better and there is a real chance there won’t be a better deal in the future.

In for 3.

Perfect gift for the parents in their 70s. Dad is a bit tech savvy and Mom is afraid. The touch is so easy that it might open up a whole new tech world.


Overstock w/Reviews

a purchase of epic porportions

pretty good price. less than the %50 discount on apple’s site

darn! i was hoping for a woot-off so i had an excuse to use my new woot-off lights!