Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Good price, even for refurb!

Better to get it new with a proper warranty

But why to get at all?

3rd party warranty? sounds reliable…ha

theres a first woot selling a decent mp3 …refurb OF COURSE…

woot has sold many, many, many Ipods. sure they have been on a bit of a zune kick lately but oh well. my 2 zunes have treated me extremly well so i’m very happy about that zune kick of theirs recently. (reply to the First post, not meant as random)


I just can’t bring myself to spend that much money on something that’s only 8gb.

I’m having a difficult time getting the page loaded. How good is this price anyway?

ah…there we are. $219.99. Much better than the $299 price. Smokin’ deal on this Woot!

No thanks. Have Zune. Hate Apple.

They’ve done so before. Several times in fact.

Presumably this is one of the first runs, so beware of dead Pixels. I got all my music on mine only to see odd black dots, or dead pixels. Luckily I bought it new and had warranty, where I got a replacement that I promptly returned at Best Buy and upgraded to the new 32 gig.

I like the product pictures… I’m glad woot works only 1 day in advance. haha

I’m waiting for a 40+GB version which would only be $375ish

this… has wi-fi?

Suddenly, I’m so interested. So interested.

This really isn’t a great price.

Not a bad deal but I just bought an iPhone from AT&T for $250 last month. Does this come with the 4 extra apps that Apple charges for?

So does this have the software updates?

They’ve sold ipods before