Apple iPod Touch 8GB

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Apple iPod Touch 8GB
$214.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product: 1 Apple iPod Touch 8GB - MA623LL/A

I spy a previous discussion on the same product from a few weeks ago:

Five dollars cheaper today. That could be lunch for someone! :slight_smile:

Buy from Apple, $249 and you get one year warranty and a chance at two with AppleCare. That’s my two cents.

If it was only 16GB at this price…

$249 for refoorb at Apple store with 1 yr warranty and opportunity any time in first year to buy another year of AppleCare for $60, Oh, and free shipping. Not enough of a price break for a who-knows reforb.

Looks like a good deal. Refurbished 8GB is $249.00 on Apple’s site:

It’s two bucks cheaper from Amazon Warehouse, and they have free shipping.

So when you boil it down the touch has every spec the iphone has except the phone…right?

i own this and i will say the same thing i always say - it is a great product, but - the whole reason that the iPhone is so revolutionary is that you can always be connected to the internet via a cell phone data connection. this has become even more apparent with the release of all the new apps. Also, never forget the microphone and the speaker. they are more important than you can imagine. if you have the money to pay for an iPhone plan, get the iPhone. if you don’t, get an iPod Classic or some other MP3 player, such as that nice new Zune. but whatever you do, don’t buy an iPod touch.

No camera, no bluetooth, no microphone, no speakers… and it’s thinner.

I love my 8GB iPod Touch. I bought it recently for much more. I will say, though, be prepared to pay a little more if you want to be able to use the App Store and applications it sells. I didn’t see the software version listed, but 2.0 is only a few days old - so expect to spend some money updating.

Why don’t you share with the rest of us where you got the deal from.

But doesn’t the 3g iphone have 8 gigs for $199?.. why buy this over the same thing that has a phone, internet, camera and gps?

I find it funny how the ipod touch cost more than the iphone comparing the 8gb models

because to get it at the $199 u have to have a new 2 year contract. so if u dont have at&t u have to pay a lot more.

Update is $9.95

Whoa, great deal. Oh wait I already went and got a 32.
BUT now you can get this and pay another 10 bucks for the 2.0 upgrade. sweet deal sweet deal

the iphone 2.0 firmware works on the ipod touch, i used the iphone 2.0 restore firmware on mine and updated through itunes and it has the app store and everything.

Just google


And that is the good one

with your ipod touch plugged in go to
itunes 7.7 go under the summery tab and

on PC hold “shift”, on mac hold “option”

then click the “check for update button” (while holding the button for your system above)

Then find on your computer where you saved it and click on it, then click open

ten minutes later you will have the new 2.0 firmware with the January update.

This was a firmware release by apple it isn’t a hacked firmware they just don’t want people to know that it will work on the touch so they can get an extra 10 bucks

hopes the helps at least one person :slight_smile:

The iPod doesn’t come with a 2 year commitment to a rip-off $70/month plan… and don’t forget to add $20/month for unlimited SMS. They’re practically giving away the iPhone so AT&T can rape you with outrageously high monthly charges. Sprint SERO all the way, baby!