Apple - iPod touch MP3 (6th Gen)

Apple - iPod touch MP3 (6th Gen)

Note: “Originally released July 2015.”

I’m sorry. I must not have read that correctly. How much for a 5 year-old obsolete mp3 player? I think you might have the decimal in the wrong location.

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Not that great of a deal. For $10 more you can get a 128gb on newegg and Walmart has it for less.

So riddle me this - can’t you buy a iphone 6 or 6+ for less, put it on airplane and have the exact same thing for less coin?

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128GB is what makes them worth buying

You can and I did, for almost exactly the same price. Without a sim card, any iPhone is basically a better iPod then their iPod.


That’s exactly what I did for my husband as a replacement for his worn out iPod Nano. Works great and it has the advantage of having a better camera than his actual cell phone does.

Apple products are always over priced but this is excessive for a 5 year old mp3 player.


We were able to negotiate a better price so we’ve lowered the price on the 128GB.

Small Print: If you already purchased, that money will hop back into your pockets soonish.