Apple iPods and More!

I spy an iMac in there… So, who has an iTouch? I do, actually, I got it in a deal with a friend who wanted my old iPhone. I think it’s pretty nice to have around because there are enough ways to rapidly drain my phone battery without adding playing music constantly to the mix.

How much space do you tend to take up on your iGizmo? :slight_smile: (I usually max out.)

Is it a pain to carry around two devices that essentially look the same and are the same size? My wife wants an iPhone so everything will be together but there is concern of battery drain.

I used to carry two devices around, but eventually I got rid of the ipod. I have the 32g, and that holds plenty of music and movies for me without the hassle of digging something else out of my purse. My phone is nearly always in my pocket anyways, and I can charge it in the car while I play music. Also, for as much as I use it for Pandora, movies, games, and internet surfing, the battery seems to do just fine. I usually only need to charge it at night when I go to bed. Unless I’m watching a whole lot of LOTR in a day.

I hope the iMac being discounted here, is a signal that there will soon be an updated iMac coming out (as rumored). That being said, this is a good deal though.

As for the iPod touch, if you have no other choice but to have another type of phone, then carrying around 2 devices is worth it (I did it for 2 years, waiting on my contract to be up for renewal). But, if you’re doing that, you’d be MUCH happier with an iPhone.

Also, a Nano is handy little player to keep around when you just dont need/want to carry your phone (yardwork, exercise, etc)

I have never tried, but will my mighty mouse stick to my iMac like that? Love my Mac, life is better without a PC.

Surprisingly not so much, but I also have a shell on my phone so it’s really easy to figure which is which. I find my iPhone tends to drain itself really fast, but I’m constantly using things like location on to map things and get directions, so there is that, too.

I’m not going to discount that some of it may be personal justification for having multiple devices, but I’m okay with how it all worked out. :smiley:

I have no idea, I’ve never tried either. Anyone? :slight_smile: (I agree. Once you Mac, it’s annoying to go back.)

Can anyone confirm if you can purchase Applecare for these? I’m also a bit worried that the warranty is only 90-days versus the 1 year from Apple for a refurb.

But, being discounted down from $339 to $260 is VERY tempting.

I bought a 64 Gb today and will pull the video off of my gen 5.5 240 gb model and use it mainly for video. Much better screen.

These things fill up very quickly.

Very tempting for me too, but I’m going to guess you can not get applecare on these. Applecare states:
Important Note

The AppleCare Protection Plan can be purchased only while your iPod is still covered under the standard one-year limited warranty. See AppleCare Protection Plan Terms and Conditions for complete product details.

This does not have the apple one year warranty anymore so I’d say you can’t get an applecare warranty on this.

You may be right on this. I fired off an email to the Woot support folks to try and get this clarified. Still, you would think that this would be one of those important things to note since most folks will think they still can and I only paused when I noticed the 90-day warranty which was non-standard for Apple refurbs.

That’s a Magic Mouse, it’s not stuck to the iMac, it’s levitating.

It would be a good selling point if this was refurbished by an Apple Authorized repair center but I just can’t find that listed anywhere. This appears to be refurbished by an unauthorized 3rd party so if you want more than 90 days warranty, better get the Square Trade offered because Applecare won’t cover a 3rd party refurb.

Got this reply from the Woot Support folks:

"Any of the products that do not come with Apple warranties you will likely not be able to purchase AppleCare for.


So looks like it’s official these are sold as-is with no ability to add Applecare. Well, no inexpensive iPod Touch for me. -_-

Much as I would love to call this a great deal, the Nano (for 115 with shipping) is 117-118 new on amazon, (who owns woot), with free prime shipping…and more color choices…

Not a pain at all. Left pocket’s iPhone, right pocket’s iPod. I’m musically obsessed, so I have different playlists for each device. Also, your iPod is relatively unlikely to start ringing! You may find that you develop “phantom vibrate” on both legs if you’re not consistent with which pocket you keep your phone in.

I bought one of these from woot! about a month ago, and am glad I did. The iPod is great and I haven’t had any issues with it. That said, the ear buds they sent with it are NOT made by apple and are total crap. I listened with them for 2 minutes and tossed them in the trash. So, that’s something to take into consideration if you don’t already have a set.

I purchased this 32g iPod back in March and had real battery issues as it wouldn’t hold a charge at all. Returned to Woot and they didn’t ask any questions and returned my money right away. For me, it was a bad deal. Also, because it is a 3rd party refurb, the back cover has been replaced and it does not have the Apple logo on the back, nor the storage capability. For some folks that is important.

I purchased one of these on July 27th but haven’t seen it yet. The FedEx shipping info hasn’t been updated since July 30th (expected ship date). Has anybody had a similar experience? Has anybody received theirs yet?
Except for this, Woot shipping has been very quick recently.
*Is Woot just picking on me? *

If you still haven’t received it, please email

And no, we wouldn’t pick on you. We :heart: you.