Apple Laptops & All-in-Ones

Got one of the iMacs in the last round of these, it arrived scratched and there was mustard on the mouse. Then after about four days it wouldn’t start up at all. I am taking it to an apple store today to see if it is an easy fix, but at this point I would strongly recommend people avoid this sale.

I’m a little skeptical to purchase, per comments above. Microcenter has these refurbished MacBook Pro at about $100 more but at least you can see the machine before your purchase. Their warranty plan also includes 3 months of Apple support and up to 3 years of service for alot cheaper. However, I do wish I had jumped on those Macbook Airs for $400 they had on here 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know the manufactured date of these machines?? Anyone know where I can find a similar price point to Woot but a cheaper warranty plan?? $129 for a year is ridiculous…

I got mine from the previous sale and it kept having kernel panic errors when I tried to update to OSX 10.10. Eventually I did get it to update… after two system restores, countless failed downloads of the update (the main source of the kernel panic… would randomly crash in the middle of the download), and figuring out how to boot into safe mode. I bought the $999 i5 version. There’s also a big dent in the top right of the case but it doesn’t seem to affect anything.

In the midst of my trying to get it to update, I emailed woot support in case I couldn’t get things squared away and was told they had no replacements available… and yet here they are for sale again. They did offer a partial refund if I keep it, or I can return it. I’ve been busy with Christmas and didn’t get to use it much yet, but have nothing going on for the next couple days so I plan to really put this thing to the test and see how it goes.

Hopefully it’s okay now, it’s my first Mac and it’s a super nice computer and going back to my “tiny” 20" 1440x900 monitor makes me feel like I’m back in the 640x480 resolution days.