Apple Lightning Cables & EarPods

Is it original?

Yes, the are original Apple products. They are bulk packaged so they will not come in a fancy white retail box.

as long as it’s original, doesn’t matter if there’s a box that came with it or not…lol

Received a set of lightning cables today from this sale. They do not match the cables that came with my 2nd gen iPad mini or iPhone 5. Each of those is slightly shorter and has a USB symbol on the USB end. These generic ones from woot! do not. Luckily no issues with unsupported cable, yet.

so it’s an OEM then? not Authentic…oh man, order now cancelled

I don’t care about packaging, I want original products!!!

I agree, if I wanted OEM items I can get it somewhere cheaper thus I cancelled my order. I wonder why they don’t always speak of the truth when they’re selling.

It says “made by apple” and then “1 year apple warranty”… soooo… how are these not apple?

apparently some had issues with unsupported cable messages… the bulk packaging thing just takes this down several notches for me, that plus woot screwed me on a nas that i got, wouldnt let me return… im done buying electronics or even anything from this place /rant

My own retail-boxed definitely Apple-made ones have the USB symbol on them, just like my older Apple 30-pin cables. I’m surprised about the length difference, though, as it should be 3.3ft./1M for both.

They are Apple product. They just don’t come in the fancy white retail cardboard box.

The length isn’t much, but the generic woot! ones are about an inch or two longer.

I have an iPhone 6 Plus and these cables do not work for me at all… do not buy them!

I bought this deal, so far the cables work, even if they trigger warnings.

They appear to be genuine, or at least they satisfy all the comparisons in this Apple Support thread.

If interested, see my comments in today’s (6/2/15’s) woot thread: