Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter

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Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter
Price: $12.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard (Free with Prime)
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Wednesday, May 16 to Thursday, May 17) + transit
Condition: New


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Seems like a steal-- what am I missing?

I had a best friend… until she stole this adapter from me. I’ve been silently weeping in the corner for weeks missing it. The stars have aligned with this sale and I will finally have this most cherished adapter back in my suitcase where it belongs.

Perfect for hotel rooms when you want to hook your phone up to the TV and watch Netflix.

Wow!!! The reviews at Apple site are
terrible…I almost bought this, but hassles mentioned at Apple review site make it a no-go unless I want to waste a lot of time trying to get it to work; sorry Woot!

I got my son one of these to use with his ipad air 2 on a previous woot. It works fine for video, but the ipad will lag if used to display a game while playing. The ipad air2 must not have the video processing power. Other ipad models may not have this problem

I wish I knew.

I have an iPad Pro provided by work. Personally paid $50 for it in case I had to connect to a projector at a client’s place.

Thinking I should get one as a spare for ~$13.

I use my USB-C and Mini DisplayPort adapters all the time when staying at hotels or friends’ houses that cut the cord without issues. However the Apple reviews are horrible?

So do I throw more money towards Apple?

Is there a trick to get the free Prime shipping? I logged in via Amazon and it’s still charging the $5.00 for shipping.

Terrible reviews? Not sure why. I bought one from Apple at full price and use it every week to show movies to kids at a group home I work at and it has never failed me. Will definitely buy one for a spare.

Lol, most (if not all) cables on Apples website have terrible reviews. Their cables have always worked for me and this one should not be any different.

I noticed the negative reviews on Apple’s site too… I have NO idea what the problem is. I’ve used mine with TVs and projectors with no problem.

Bonus FAQ: When using an iPad (4:3 aspect ratio), it shows up in 4:3 on a 16:9 TV… until you play a 16:9 video, then it fills the screen. The image is always kept with the correct aspect ratio.

This is a great price for one of the most flexible adapters out there, you see all the bad reviews because people don’t understand that app developers can choose if they want to support HDMI out or not, a great example is the Adult Swim app, it seems like it would be awesome to throw to the big screen but they have locked out the adapters, this is their prerogative.

this OPINION is not based in fact, but an assumption based on what some people’s thought process could be. Generally 90% of customers are satisfied with their purchases but will not review, some will review the product at the store they purchase from if they are prompted and are satisfied, but where do you go if you’re a non-satisfied customer and your $50 adapter broke? The manufacturer website! in an effort to kill the desire to purchase one at the source for other people, they review the product poorly wherever they can. I’m sure Apple has sold millions of these yet they only have 200(ish) review on their site? Hard to believe that’s a good sample size

or what you said… that too! XD

You have to click on the button that says amazon to log in. I logged in under the button first and it charged me $5.

I’ve used this type of adapter for years and love it! The only issue I’ve found with it (except the lag when playing games which actually I would expect) is that they are fragile. I had to replace it one time because I dropped it once! So now, I’m much more careful because I didn’t want to dish out another $50 each time I drop one!

Go to Login and the BIG Button at top that says Login with Amazon. Don’t use the Woot username/password auto-filled in.

I use this with my “unlimited data” on my tablet and it’s my “cable TV”

If that was the first time logging in with Amazon, log out then back in again, and/or clear your cache/cookies. That’s what worked for a co-worker when he was having issues.

I was going tobuy one, but I cannot here because they are sold out and that’s all the information I get.