Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Apple Lightning to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

Ok, people. Here’s your warning and invitation.

I’m gonna start on my Rum & Coke in about 30 minutes and I’ll be here in the woot-off discussion threads through 10pm tonight.

Join me.


I kinda thought this one would be rough, but you’re still optimistic enough to add coke?


Weren’t these the ones which we got from Warehouse for less than $0.25 each?



Oh. I love the warehouse.

I need a donut maker.

I got 4 of these in boc’s

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The IGA sold out to a different chain. Those asshats don’t have donuts until after 9 because “each store bakes something different and they ship them out to the other stores everyday.”

Which is stupid. There’s a perfectly fine bakery in that store. They’re going to use it to make no bake cookies.

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22 mins until Bacardi On Cola??? Gotcha.


If I start the rum in 30…

Nah… You got most of my reaction already at least…

Sorry if I helped push this train, hope you guys find some good solutions…

The switch back to former pay system was seismic though. I think today would’ve been much more of an issue had you not made that crucial call.

Good work.

Good Night Snl GIF by Saturday Night Live

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Ahhh… ha!

Drunk Season 13 GIF by Geordie Shore

I thought they were USB-C to 3.5mm …


I’ll check later.

You called it!

They just Brought on Candy instead of the Bacardi!

Ha, sneaky TT.

Haha! Seriously, I have my B&C ready.