Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 2 Pack

Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 2 Pack
Price: $15.99
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Condition: New


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Almost bit but I found a similar 2-pack by Anker on Amazon for $14.99 shipped with Prime. The cords are 3 ft instead of 3.3 ft but I didn’t need the extra length. In 6 months, both of my OEM cords that came with iPhone 5Cs are seeing damage near the device plug. Looks like just the plastic shroud so far. The Anker has very close to a 5-star rating. This is a decent deal if you don’t have Prime.

3 x 3ft cables for $6.49 and free shipping

If these are the same that was being sold on Woot several days ago, they appear to be original Apple and not knock-offs.

Keep the new cables from damage:

Purchased four of these just over a month ago, happy so far! :slight_smile:

GameStop sells some really nice long ones for $5. My son bought one. I thought it’d be junk but it’s lasted so far.

Apple needs to knock off this proprietary cord crap ASAP. It’s ridiculous that we have to pay $10-$20 for a cord when every other device charges on USB cords that cost nothing.

I purchased 6 of this type and they lasted 1 month! They just all-of-a-sudden stopped working! All but 1.

From Here:

Well this item seems to have stopped the WootOff in its tracks…

This deal totally makes me miss the old days of $5 dollar shipping all day on woot offs. Shipping cost turns this from great into so-so and I just can’t get that excited about woot-offs with 5 dollars added to each order!

Agreed! I can’t seem to buy it like that.

What’s wrong with knock-offs? Do you think the technology in making a cord is really that high that the knock-offs aren’t just as good. Or do you miss that over-priced warm and fuzzy feeling you get with the apple logo?

The problem I’ve run into with some of the apple knock offs has been quite a few have been utter crap.
Through Amazon, I purchased a knock off power cord for my laptop. It LITERALLY fell apart after a short period of time. Amazon was great about refunding and I made sure to post photos when I reviewed the product.
I skipped these cables the last time they were up. Just bought the two pack of the Anker Lightning because they were cheaper AND I have Prime. So far, they’re working well and seem pretty sturdy.

Problem with knock-offs is that they work at first but inexplicably stop working at some point. I’ve bought them before only to toss them in the trash within weeks. Not sure how but the Apple proprietary lock down works…maybe not day one, but eventually. Sucks to be sure but it worked with me. Not worth my time or aggravation to buy non-apple certified.

At $6.50 for a 3 pack, not a huge gamble. I’ve had good and bad luck with knockoffs. Stuff like this, phone cases, accessories I’m more easily convinced to try knock-offs.