Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Pack

Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Pack
Price: $19.99
Shipping Options:: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Monday, Aug 10 to Thursday, Aug 13) + transit
Condition: New


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Is this a real apple made/branded cable?

Does it come in sealed Apple packaging (like the ones you’d buy at the Apply store)?

is it mfi certified?

Good question. The ones we bought from Woot! last were super sketchy and TOTALLY not actually from Apple.

And though I got a refund from Woot!, they kept insisting it was from Apple’s supplier as if that’s the same thing. And the cords looked different subtly than the ones I know are Apple’s.

Finally my wife sat down on one a while back and felt something hot. The thing melted through the plastic on the end, and burnt through my wife’s pants.


Apple cables/Apple Warranty per the Features tab.

Features state “bulk packaging”.

These come in bulk packaging, which is noted in the previous sale.

Buyer says yes.

These worked really good for all my apple devices that use lightning cables. Oh, and they’re $5 with free shipping. I got them in about a week.

I got these last time when it was a 2 pack. One of then stopped working a few weeks later. I sent two emails to woot, with a week between each email. I got no reply.

My recommendation is: I wouldn’t buy these.

Can’t go wrong with Amazon Basics brand:

Bought them last time they were on sale. Worked for a week or two. Now when I plug it into my phone it says the cable is not certified and may not work with my phone. Message was right. Won’t charge anything now.

Interesting, the ones I received also all had problems in a short period of time, although when I examined the cables, they matched all the details from the Apple site on how to recognize a fake cable.
I also had one burst into flame on a nightstand, and I think one of the 6 cables I purchased is still working.
Unfortunately, mine lasted through the Woot return period, so I couldn’t get a refund.

How long are these cables? All 3 same length?

Length approx 3.3 ft.
All are the same length.

anyone got a good deal on a 9’+ one?

My question to Woot is, are these the same cables from the same supplier that were sold on April 23 for two for $15.99? Besides the frequent error messages and ability to charge only in one orientation, the plastic end covers on mine cracked within days and are now held on with tape. Whether Apple had these contract manufactured or not, we deserve to know if they are the same inferior quality cables we got the last time.

Like many of you, I look for cheaper but effective and reliable alternatives to the expensive Apple branded cables. I have found a great alternative in the Anker products that are available on

In October 2014, I purchased a 2-pack of the 3ft Anker Lightning cables + a car adapter w/lightning cable from Amazon and the products are still working great to this day.

The adapters are currently $7.99 for 1 or $14.99 for a pair and free shipping if you have Prime or a total order of $35 or more. If you qualify for free shipping, it is actually cheaper to buy a pair of Anker cables for $15 + a single $8 Anker cable at Amazon than to order this Woot offer today. These cables have a 4.5 star review with over 7,000 reviews.

The car adapter + cable is currently $20 (for the black; $30 if you want white). It comes with two outlets, and my spouse and I can both charge our phones at the same time while on a car trip…just need an extra cable as the product only comes with one. It also has a 4.5 star review out of over 600 reviews.

Is the lightning connecter end the exact dimensions as standard Apple branded cables? My case will only accept the Apple connectors, every other brand I have tried are too wide.