Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Pack

The comments were very difficult to find. Anyone else have a hard time?

Purchased these a while back and yes - we have had difficulty charging our iphones. They seem to work with our ipads.

Item will ship in bulk packaging

This means these didn’t pass Apple inspection. I’ve purchased packs like these before. They will look like Apple OEM because they come out of the same factory, but some may have issues charging or syncing your devices.

tl;dr 50% chance these will work and last more than 6 months

bought these last time around. while they do function most of the time, get used to seeing the “cable not supported” msg on your iDevice.


The first thing that I do is to look for comments before buying.

Spot on!

Each 3-pack that I’ve purchased has had 1 work ok and 2 that do not work at all. Definitely pass.

I’m going to pass. Even my Apple brand cables that came with my IPhone and IPad seem sub-par. I’ve had very good luck with the Amazon brand cables. They seem to be much better made-almost like the insulation around the wires is thicker so they don’t break at the connector. All of my Apple brand can see wires where the insulation broke at the connector.

Awesome comment, thank you!!!

The only reasonably-priced aftermarket cables I’ve had good luck with would be the JETech certified cables:


I’ve gone with Amazon Basics lightning cables and they work great. I think I have some Anker ones too.

I think they have made the comments harder to find because those of us who have bought from Woot for a long time look at the comments very carefully before buying. They are hoping you just pull the trigger instead of searching for what others have to say.

I purchased two of these 3 packs the last time…only 1 is still alive and within 3 weeks 5 of them either broke at the base of the connector or just stopped working altogether. I had a better lifespan out of the first one I bought that caught on fire.

I do the same thing. I am glad that I waited to pull the trigger. I could get the same reliability from cheaper options on eBay.

I followed your link and it says unavailable. Darn!

I love the comments section. There is usually better information than woot provides. I almost bought these this morning and found it odd that there were no comments. I’m glad I waited.

Better link…white or black are available. And I would take Amazon’s customer service over woot. Yes, I realize the irony of that statement but it is still true!

Oh, and still cheaper than woot if you have Prime. :slight_smile:

To all of those who are saying that these cables fail, did you notice that Woot says they carry a 1 year Warranty.

Have any of you put in for warranty replacement of your defective cables?

I’d pay to not have to deal with Woot CS on warranty issues. You’d probably end up paying some shipping fees.

Bought these for my wife and she had a similar experience. 2 cables work ok most of the time but only plugged a certain way. The 3rd cable does not work at all. Will definitely look for comments next time before making a purchase.