Apple Lightning to USB Cable - 3 Pack

I purchased these previously and they don’t charge.

Same with me. I made a complaint. One quit after a month, the other two lasted a little longer.

I take it these are not OEM cables?

I bought the 6.6ft lightning cables that were supposedly Apple OEM but they were not. They stopped charging or did not work soon after I got them. They are a damn rip off and definitely not OEM so if they tell you that it is not true.

I complained to and they claimed the Chargers came from Apple and to file a complaint with Apple. Apple said they aren’t their chargers. Who’s telling the truth here?

Per our vendor, they are authentic Apple chargers. If Apple will not assist you, write back to our CS and tell them the problem you are having.

Thanks for all above reviews, I was about to buy them and now I am gonna just get it from Apple Store.