Apple Lightning to USB Cable

**Item: **Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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Is this a real cable from Apple or is it a knockoff? I’ve had no luck whatsoever with knockoff cables.

Official Apple Store price is $19, with $4 shipping. So even if this is the only thing you put in your cart, this would appear to save you about $9.

For reference:

It says Apple and 1 year warranty.

Knockoffs may work on iphone 5 with ios6 but some are reporting errors on iphone 5s (me included) and iphone 5 with ios7

I agree. Please be more specific on the manufacture. Thanks!

Why would Apple offer a 1 yr. warranty on a knockoff?

I use monoprice and amazon cables plus apple cables. All of these cables have had no issues with IOS7

The innumerable knockoff cables for sale on Amazon also say Apple.

I didn’t notice the bit about the warranty … that does seem to imply it’s real.

Seems abundantly clear:

Warranty: 1 Year Apple

In the box:
Apple Lightning to USB Cable

… in addition to Apple being in the title of the offer.

Warranty says 1 year Apple. So the legit deal

I’ve had absolutely no difficulty with aftermarket lightning cables.

Woot, you really need to fix your shipping costs for Woot-offs to be only $5 per day because very few things under $20 make sense otherwise.

The Amazon-branded cable works (from everything I’ve heard). The problem is that it’s too big to fit with many cases (including the one I have).

Yes,please bring back $5.00 a day shipping.

I don’t yet have an iPhone that is compatible with this cable. Yeah… I know… can you believe that?

But I am thinking about upgrading to the 5S or 5C in the near future. Does buying the accessory before buying the actual product make me appear insane?

Great, now it’s only 100% too much!

I agree. The only reason I bought this particular deal is that I need to replace 2 of my lightning cables. Wouldn’t have been worth it just for 1.

In for 3 - I can’t get these this inexpensive anywhere else!
Great Deal!

No more than adding $2000+ worth of contract extension with a crappy mobile carrier would already. Don’t worry, there are millions of you sitting around consoling each other on Twitter, so you won’t feel bad for long. Every now and then, you’ll wake up in a cold sweat, with this feeling that you just can’t shake. That’s lucid thought trying to sneak in while your consciousness was distracted by a glorious/horrible dreamscape. Check your phone for messages or status updates, and that will pass, too.