Apple Lightning to USB Cable

No. It’s not insane until an even newer iPhone comes out and Apple introduces the new “quantum” cable, rendering your 30-pin and lightning cables obsolete.

I wish Apple would use the micro USB like every other device I own, but they’re Apple so they don’t have to. Seriously, I have a blue tooth speaker, a wireless keyboard, not to mention a couple of android devices - and they all use micro USB. Why can’t Apple? Because they’re Apple and they don’t have to.

You can get $5 shipping for everything in your cart at checkout (across all sites). But with a woot odd the timing is tricky, the stars just aligned for me with woot and something on kids woot.

I hope not; I’m buying two and don’t have the iPhone 5 yet. But I sure want one.

MicroUSB won’t do what apple plans on doing with the lightning cable.

Please do your research prior to posting. (Let alone on woot where people are here to buy, not contemplate technology decisions made by people who have changed the face of technology since computer became a household word.)

That’s it. I am in for 3.

So these finally arrived today–I seriously doubt they’re authentic Apple products.

First off, they arrived without boxes, just wrapped in a clear plastic band and tossed in an envelope.

Second, they were sent to me from someone named Genia Madden at a company called US Mortgage Promotions. I almost threw it out, thinking it was some sort of stupid “switch your mortgage to us” garbage.

Tried one, and it seems to charge my iOS7 device, but still…

It was dropshipped directly from our vendor. That’s why it didn’t have a Woot address as the sender.

Mine just came in as well. They seem stiffer than the actual Apple cables. However, if you look at the actual wire, it does say “Designed by Apple in California, Assembled in China”. So if they are fake, they are very thorough fakes. The envelope being from US Mortgage Promotions makes them seem pretty shady though.

Dear Woot,

Utterly disappointing. Clearly this isn’t how authentic Apple cables are packaged in retail shops. No box, no paperwork, just the cable itself wrapped in a plastic sleeve.

I compared this new cable to two existing Lightning cable I have that I know are authentic, and there are slight differences in length, cord color, and the feel of the cord.

I think we’ve all been had, including you Woot, since you say this was drop-shipped directly from “your vendor” so that means you never saw the product I assume?

Add me to the same list: Cables came from Genia Madden; just a plastic band instead of full pkging; cables seem stiffer and “different”; but they do have the Apple text printed on the wire. I’m suspicious and disappointed.

I got my cables today, and I got the same thing as everyone else.

Has any one tried the cables yet? Do they seem to work without setting fire to your device or house?

Our buyer would like to clarify that the Apple Cables sold in this offer are 100%/Vendor Confirmed Apple Lightning to USB Cables.

Your purchase might not have arrived in retail packing, but should be certified by Apple plastic bands and labels on the product.

If you have any further questions or concerns regarding your purchase, please feel free to email into Woot Member Services at

I am going to have to agree with my fellow purchasers here. I bought a couple of these and my wife tells me that every time she plugs in her phone it says its not certified and may not work. It DOES charge but that is sort of proof that it is NOT a real Apple cable.

I ordered one just to check it out. It looks just like the cable that came with my phone - plastic wrapped. Feels exactly the same. And it’s charging my iPhone via the Apple wall adapter right now with no problems.

You might check that the adapter (wall or car) isn’t 3rd party. I had a set of 3rd party adapters for my 3GS that gave the error that it wasn’t recognized. Cable was my phone’s cable. The adapter was the problem.