Apple Lightning to USB Cable

**Item: **Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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9/24/2013 - $9.99 (Woot-off) - 24 comment(s)

these were on here yesterday… feel like I’m watching poltergeist 2… They’re Baaaack!

but I actually want these, so in for 3

EDIT: If these are officially made BY Apple, I retract the statement below
EDIT: Description indeed says “Made for iPhone, iPod, iPad by Apple”
However, that could simply mean the iPhone, etc… is made by Apple, not this cable. I suppose you can always get your money back if needed :slight_smile:

warning removed about iOS7 compatibility

So…if I bought 3 yesterday, can I buy more today?

To go ahead and head off the questions:

  1. Yes, this is an official Apple cable, thus the warranty.
  2. Yes, this will work on your Mac.
  3. Yes, Amazon and Monoprice cables probably work just as well, but the plastic housing around the Lightning connector on the official cables is much more compact, meaning that it is more likely to work with your iPhone/iPad case, dock, etc.
  4. Yes, I’m sure you do like micro-USB better, fandroid. Why don’t you leave us alone now and go do something productive, like finding out when last year’s Android release will be available for your phone.

Cheaper after shipping at monoprice unless you buy 3 here, so well played.

These are genuinely made by Apple, not third-party products, according to the product description.

Woot, you disgust me. these were already in the Woot-off. “Sold out!” Yeah right.

It’s like feeding a baby: “eat your beans. No? Ok. no more beans, here’s some mashed potatoes. Good? Ok, BEAAAANNNNSS! EAT THEM!”

We’re not children.

That article specifically refers to third-party cables. These are made by Apple. So… nothing to see here.

Deja vu vu vu vu

Woot had beans, and I missed them? DAMN IT.

It’s a deal if you’re in for 3…I am. Thanks woot.

These are listed on Apple’s website for $19 each.

Well if they are magic beans for growing some giant beanstalks, then I might not even mind the $5 shipping.

In for 3 more. In my house they will get used. I think iOS actually outnumbers Android in my house now.

most def. between our iPhones and iPads, there’s no question. i also picked up some of those kodak power packs a while ago and bring those with me on long trips w/ a usb cord in case i need to charge up. it’s a lot easier than finding a plug sometimes. seems like no matter how many i have they keep disappearing like socks in the washing machine.

Beans Or Corn