Apple Lightning to USB Cable

**Item: **Apple Lightning to USB Cable
Price: $9.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: New

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9/25/2013 - $9.99 (Woot-off) - 21 comment(s)
9/24/2013 - $9.99 (Woot-off) - 24 comment(s)


These are real, 100% authentic Apple Cables.

They are not retail box packaged. They will come loose in an envelope.

Bought 6 of these last Woot-Off (3 of them each of the two times it came up).

They’re the real deal. Great price!

What will they think of next? Brilliant. Now we need a different fruit and a different source of energy. Perhaps Guava Earthquake cables?!?

They say made by Apple, but will ship in bulk packaging? Seems dubious at best.

I bought 2 of these last time and returned them because there is no way to know they are genuine Apple products.

It doesn’t help any that with the new iOS, Apple has started disabling non-Apple, non-licensed USB to Lightning cables!

They are genuine. They were purchased in bulk and secured/wrapped just like the cables that come with your device.

In for two! Woot Woot!

Seems to me that if that’s true, then there’s an easy way to tell. Plug it in; if it works, it is genuine, and if it doesn’t it isn’t.

They’re real. They are identical in every way to the ones that came with my wife’s iPhone 5s and my son’s iPod 5.

The warranty is from Apple!

Comments from previous Woot-Offs where these cables appeared do not look encouraging. Seems like there are some people that receieved empty packages, while those that did receive cables received them without any Apple-branded packaging whatsoever. Looks like it is hard to verify that these are genuine Apple products.

I dunno - I bought two off-brand ones at Fry’s Electronics last week ($9.99, also), and they work on my 5C with iOS7 just fine.

The ones I received showed up in a plain envelope without even a packing slip. There’s nothing to prove they are authentic cables except a comment on this website.

I’ll pass. Thanks anyway.

Be careful of these, friend of mine bought these last time around, and both come up as unsupported on both of our 5’s

We rarely send packing slips with our orders. That’s nothing new.

The packaging is the same as when you buy a box of iPads (yes, I’ve done this - for a school). They package them in individual sealed bags with no logo on them. Why pay for branding on something like that.

They aren’t normally sold this way so most people never see this packaging and it freaks them out.

Man, you guys are paranoid!

I ordered two of these last time… An empty brown envelope arrived shipped from Brooklyn NY, woot did refund my purchase money

Just curious (Because they’re obviously genuine, Woot doesn’t blatantly lie multiple times), but if these came in a ziploc bag with apple’s logo taped to it… Would that actually quell some sort of fear you have?

These are a good price. Bought some cheap ones and they didn’t last long at all. Got one of the “mothership basics” cables. Seems like a good one, but the each price for these are less. In for two.

Now, if these turn out to be knockoffs, I will not be pleased.

People, you can feel whether an Apple cable is genuine – I’ve never felt a knockoff that got the materials and flexibility right. Also, you think a woot staffer would lie directly like that? They said these are genuine above. In for two.