Apple Lightning to USB Cable

$14.99 for an 85 cent cable.

Think different, indeed.

Hey TT: Any comment on whether these will indeed work with the new 5S iphone?

Yes. I can confirm they work with the iPhone 5S and the iPod 5.

They’re authentic Apple lightning cables. As long as Apple didn’t change anything…

But no, I haven’t tested it.

Bought 3 the last time they were offered. They are packaged (wrapped) the same as the one that came with my iPhone and seem genuine. No error messages when connecting to the computer or power, unlike my $5 Chinese knockoff cables. They came in a plain brown envelope, no padding, no sales receipts and the sender was listed by FedEx as mortgage company in Brooklyn. A little digging and I discovered that there was also a cell phone retailer at the same address. Seems a bit shady and I felt lucky that cables weren’t damaged, but they all work fine.

good enough for me! I’m in for 2

The only thing that i wish i had paid more attention to is that fact that they are just the cables, no more. i was expecting the plug too. no dice. my bad.

Yeah, they said that FedEx used the wrong return address. I dunno.

Same here. I bought 3 in the last Woot Off and they have been used with an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 5s. And they feel the exact same as a normal Apple Lighning Cable that comes with any new Apple devices.

But it’s a comment from ThunderThighs. You can’t get a more reliable source!

I got 3 last time. They are real Apple cables.

D’aawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. :heart::heart::heart:

my gf ordered 3 of these last time they showed up on woot. They charge and all but i dont believe they are the real deal, they came loose as noted and the way it was rolled was somewhat loose and not at all taut and precise as the original cables i bought. But they charge the phone.

Also the only cables that come up with an error message on iOS 7 are the ones that aren’t licensed directly by Apple. So if a company tries to copy the design of the lightning cable, especially the end of it which goes into the phone, it might/usually won’t work anymore. But if a company, such as Frys which was mentioned above or another reputable company, licenses the technology to create the lightning cable from Apple, then it is guaranteed to work.

And one more thing: If you look really really closely at this cable and the one that came with your iDevice, you can tell it is the exact same cable. If it was a clone, they wouldn’t have been able to make it look the exact same as a normal cable.

How this is seen as a good deal is beyond me. A bus that is meant to be universal and simple brought to its knees…

Not a great deal. Sure they say they are “Apple” cords but for $10 plus $5 shipping that is $15 (I am really good at math). I can buy an Amazon Lightning cable for $14.99 anytime I want with free shipping. Sure if you can buy three they are $11.65 a piece but woot only lets you buy 2, so 412.49 a piece. I’ll stick with the Amazon basics cable which works fine.

I just looked on Ebay.
two fire wire cables/w ac/car Charge
Free shipping. yes you have to pay the tax for $6.97
so it makes this deal look expensive

The only major differences between the Apple Lightning cable and the Amazon Basics Lightning cable are that the Amazon cable is a little thicker, which most people won’t care about, and the Amazon one comes in 3 foot long and 6 foot long versions for $14 and $15 respectively. Also one they are different colors too, but most people don’t really care about that either. And this one one Woot is about a 3 foot long cable.

The reviews on Apple are worse for the name-brand than the ones for the knock-off 6-ft. cord on Amazon.

But the cables on eBay aren’t guaranteed going to work with iDevices on iOS 7. They might or they might not, but you wouldn’t know until you get it.

And by fire wire, I assume you are talking about the same kind of cable as this one, which is a Lightning cable.