Apple Lightning to USB Cables

How are they packaged? Are these the bulk pack knock-offs?

Same question. Are these genuine Apple items, or off-brand, burn your house to the ground, China made charging blocks?

Per the vendor:
These come in poly bags; 100% original.

Will these work with iPhone 6s?

To my knowledge, the iPhone 6s uses a standard lightning cable.

Same question as others…Can you please confirm whether the lightning cables and the chargers are original, authentic, actual Apple products and not reproductions and or knock-offs.

The fact that it doesn’t specific that they are original Apple products and there is no clear answer to the other questions leads me to believe these are burn-the-house down, toast your phone and iPad knock-offs.

I got the 2x 2 meter cables at the last Wootoff. They look like genuine Apple. But the fact that neither worked (and Woot gave me a refund) makes me think that they’re low quality in any case.

Either people are very stupid or live in a veritable state of fear and distrust…but these are billed as “Apple Lightning to USB Cables” and carry a “1 Year APPLE Warranty”. Apparently some folks can’t read or are simply too lazy to do so. Words matter and I don’t believe Woot is intentionally misleading people. I purchased a 2 pack last time these were offered. They are solid quality and they work flawlessly for me. Since my GSD puppy just ate one last night (probably not covered by the warranty), I’m in for another 2 pack. Perfect timing!

Don’t buy these cords. They have the Apple logo and look just like the real thing, but they aren’t. The first cord in the pack caused a ‘this accessory may not be compatible’ message to pop up, and did not charge my phone. The second cable worked for two days then stopped working. No message or anything, but the battery continued deplete itself while plugged in. Very disappointed woot.

That doesn’t mean anything. I’ve had that message pop up using the cord that came with my phone.

I agree with the last
Comment and woot told me to contact Apple.

You will get that message with any cord that has a faulty connection. Many times it’s because the contacts are dirty. Wipe both ends of the cord contacts with alcohol. That that can solve the problem. You might also have to clean the socket on the phone.

Do not buy. One cable worked. One cable worked 3 days. The other one never worked. I got a refund. The fact that their description is ambiguous at best tells me that these are the same lot.

I was disappointed when these would not work with my Apple devices.

These are in fact 100% authentic! I took the ones I bought off here two weeks ago to apple store and they said they were authentic! As a matter of fact, apple employee went to site to get some cuz these are better discounts then they offer! These cords are $29 each and apple backs the warranty! so 2 for this price is a steal!

Also, I have an iPhone 6s plus and these works wonderfully! Like I said, these are 100% apple products and they are covered by there 1 years warranty! Both mine worked and I’m beyond happy with the product, I will probably order 2 more since chords are bound to frey after sometime!

I bought two of these last time they came around on sale. Neither worked. I don’t know what the deal is with these cables, but props to Woot for at least issuing me a prompt, full refund. I would just say it isn’t worth the trouble.

Wow, way to be a condescending jerk. There are quite a few people on here who have had trouble with these cords. It’s also widely known (since you’re obviously a know it all, I’m sure you’re aware) that many really good looking counterfeit Apple charges do exist, and many folks have had reliability issues with these from previous sales. People have legitimate questions and concerns about this product, don’t belittle them because you think they can’t “read”.

If the illiterate shoe fits…WEAR IT! To make matters worse, you have essentially accused woot! of selling “counterfeit” products. This begs the question: why are you here?