Apple Lightning to USB Cables

Anyone know if these still give the annoying error message that tells you that this is not an official apple product, therefore it may not work as desired?

Have they fixed this, do the cables work as expected with no errors, and if they do generate errors and slow recharge times, is a refund possible?


Same here. I ordered a bunch of the 6.6’ cables before, thinking they were the same cable I got with my iPad Pro. They were skinnier than the IPad Pro version, and on both iPad and iPhone every single cable had errors, interrupted and slow charges. Now they just take up space in a drawer.

I find it hard to believe they are “genuine” Apple cables.

Mine worked perfectly for 3/4 weeks and now I’m getting the message. Frustrating.

Yep…couldn’t keep it chg’d or even stay at same level if it was in use :-1::-1: very strange…doesn’t seem that difficult ,does it …

I’ve been tempted to buy these on a number of occasions, but have been put off by the poor experiences reported by other Wooters. However, since these are supposedly “genuine” Apple cables with a 1 year warranty through Apple, I wonder if it would be possible to simply walk into an Apple store with the bad/failing cables and get them replaced under warranty? Has anyone tried this?