Apple Lightning to USB Cables

Are these official apple cables?

What iPhones are these for?

Yes, they are Apple OEM cables.

iPhones and iPads that accept the lightning connectors.

Are these different from the “Apple OEM Cables” I’ve bought on 2 previous woots, that give me "This Cable is Not Certified and May Not Work Reliably” Errors, and are slow to charge, or refuse to charge, or fail in the middle of charge?


So your 100% they will work with 6s phone and they are 100% Apple OEM.

I bought some “Apple OEM Cables” on ebay last year and they lasted all of 2-3 months a piece. They were either Apple defective cables unloaded for cheap or a really good clone that was sub-par quality.

Yet, the cable i got with my iPhone 5 on the day they were released (four years ago?) has been attached to the usb port in my car this whole time getting daily and abuse is still going strong.

Are these retail packed or bulk packaged?

Confirmed with the buyer, these are bulk packaged. Thanks!