Apple Lightning to USB Cables

Are these made by Apple or a third party? If it’s a third party who is it?

They are made by Apple.

I sure hope these are genuine. The fact that there is a one year Apple warranty leads me to believe they are…

Do they fit 6s Iphone?


I bought some of these “apple” products… bought several for kids and none worked properly - woot gave me refund.

I purchased 6 of these. Not one worked. Our iPhones all said they were not genuine Apple products. I contacted Woot and they told me to contact Apple. Hard to contact Apple when it isn’t a genuine Apple product. No refund was given. Very disappointed WOOT!!

Same thing happened to me I got them on March, out of four cables my last one stop working yesterday… Call Apple and they won’t honor warranty because according to them this cables ARE NOT MADE BY APPLE first because Apple don’t have a 2pack for genuine cable. Contacted woot early this morning, let’s see what happens.

My second one stopped working today. Bought late July. Sucks. Less than 6 mo and both dead. Don’t even carry them around. Stays in my bedroom.

UPDATE - contacted Woot and they refunded my money. I would have preferred new cords, but since that wasn’t possible, they gave me my money back. Not sure why they died since they weren’t abused, but happy Woot made it “right”.