Apple Lightning to USB Cables

Be warned - these are fakes.

I purchased a number of these “certified” cables from Woot in both iPad and iPhone lengths and was very disappointed. Every one pops up a “this cable is not certified” message on my devices. Many won’t charge at all, the ones that do either fail partway through the charge, or take a loooong time to charge.

Do a search on previous woots for these cables and you will see many other folks reporting the same problem.

These are crap. Purchased 3. On one, the male end was ripped off cable when removing it from phone. A second cable doesn’t work; iPhone doesn’t recognize. The third does work, but I’m guessing not for long. These are junk, a ripoff. Do not buy.

These haven’t caused me problems in operation, but they are not oem – woot’s being very disingenuous labeling them “Apple” cables

These are knock offs , they are not made by Apple. One did not work out of the bag. Threw whole order in trash and Woot refunded my money back. Woot needs to be more truthful in their listing

The post and the specs state these are Apple branded cables… not “certified” or off brand.

Purchased at least 2 in past from Woot, work great. I was actually thinking they seem sturdier than the kind I’ve purchased directly from Apple before, although not 100% sure on that.

Maybe Woot staff can let us know whether these are truly Apple or other brand products? :slight_smile:

is this fake?

No, these are Apple product.

Woot staff, you should be ashamed.

If these are apple products, then they are the rejects of the rejects, they do not work. They are worse than cheap knockoffs. Note that every single time these are listed, there are tons of people saying “These are junk, I was robbed.” Here is a Google search of past woot sales:"apple+lightening+to+usb+cables"

I got a pack of two at the beginning of summer. They are working well, and one goes from car to house regularly.

You’re better off setting your money on fire than spending it on these crappy cables. I purchased these a few months ago and they’re both in the trash.

Shame on you woot for advertising these as “Apple.”

JUNK JUNK JUNK!!! DO NOT BUY THESE! They do not work right and only last about a month!!!