Apple Lightning to USB Cables

If these are the same as the ones I bought a while ago, they’re a ripoff.

Mine were not apple certified and didn’t work. Can somebody confirm?

Not an official confirmation.
I’ve purchased several of these cables.
Out of the 20 or so cables, I have about 3 working cables. Even the working cables fail to fully connect sometimes. Not sure where the cables are coming from but it doesn’t seem to be Apple.

These cables are counterfeit. They look legit even compared to Apple’s guides but if you tear them down you will find they are fakes like on this page All 6 I bought last year quit working within a week of using each. Two of them got really hot and started to melt. I’m highly disappointed.

I saw Apple in this description header, as in “Apple 6 meter cable”. MY BAD. They lied, simply by omitting the ‘good faith’ stipulation that this is Apple COMPATIBLE, not Apple.
I bought these, thinking I was getting a good deal on quality Apple accessories (presumably overstocked at amazon).
One of them got stuck in the phone, and when I removed it wi5h considerable, neccessary force, pieces broke off in my charging port, making it impossible to charge it back up!

Run screaming from this “deal”, they are fakes.

I bought several lengths of these from woot, when plugged into an iPhone or iPad they say “this cable is not certified”.

Every time these are listed, a bunch of people post that they are fakes - give it up woot, take this ripoff out of your inventory.

I just bought a 2 pack after seeing that these are covered under a 1 year Apple warranty. Has anyone had success getting replacements?

Why are you selling these? You are ripping off your customers.

I have bought these a couple of times and can get most of these to work a few times, but eventually, an apple software update seems to render them useless. My wife gives me no end of cr&p that none of our “Apple” cables work.
It is a big frustration.
This type of stuff really discredits woot.


somebody needs to create a “scumbag woot” meme.

Same here. Mine don’t work either!!!not certified not Apple brand!!!

I bought a 3-pack last December and they all stopped working within a few months. I brought them to the Apple Store yesterday with my Woot receipt and all 3 were replaced by them.

Is this the same batch/product that’s now shown, as of Sept 16? Has Woot lost its credibility, or are the non-Apple cables from a different sale/source. I’d like to know if Woot has lost its integrity or not.

yeah. confirmed. these stink. i purchased a number of these “OEM” cables and they are not and simply knock-offs. NONE of my cables work ranging failures from 1-day to 2 months of use.

Mine weren’t either and also don’t work. Apparently it’s a bait and switch. Very disappointed with Woot.

Seriously? I stupidly didn’t look at this thread before ordering because I usually trust Woot to offer legit products. Has anyone attempted a refund because of the bait and switch? Mine haven’t shipped yet.

Just bought mine and same issue as all the other posters. These are fakes and have stopped charging the phone.

Been a long time wooter and this is disappointing.

I’m sorry to hear that. Please, if you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form for assistance.