Apple Mac Mini Desktop MC936LL/A

Apple Mac Mini Desktop MC936LL/A

Specs look impressive, except…
Is it an intel core i5 or i7?
why is the year of manufacture not mentioned as it normally is with other apple products sold here?

Looks like mid-2011. Model number indicates the i7, but it is strange that the description mentions an i5.

@ThunderThighs @lioncow

I wish there could be a picture of the ports on the back. I pass on buying things here because of things like that.

This is actually a Mac Mini server model. Surprisingly, it’s capable of running MacOS up to Catalina. I comes with a second generation Core i7 2630QM (which should have integrated Intel HD GPU and is a quad-core) and 4GB of RAM. While not a great machine, it should still serve well for basic business/office purpose. Just don’t expect to do gaming or video editing and such. It would probably make for a pretty good media server. You “almost” can’t go wrong at that price point.

Hi there. It’s an i7 processor.

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