Apple Mac Mini Desktop

Apple Mac Mini Desktop

Mac mini powers everything from home automation to giant render farms. And now with eighth-generation Intel quad-core and 6-core processors and Intel UHD Graphics 630, Mac mini has even more compute power for industrial-grade tasks.

sez who?

Your comment is just copied from the current Mac mini description on the Apple website and has nothing to do with this model being sold. It’s very misleading.

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WARNING: The 2011 model posted here is too old to use for iOS (and macOS) app development, because it does not support 10.15 Catalina or 10.14 Mojave and therefore cannot run Xcode 11. (You can technically still use Xcode 10, bit don’t expect to support the newest devices and features or get any bugfixes.) It won’t be long until the 2012 model is unsupported as well.

Additionally, expect both of these models to run very slowly. I have a 2011 model on my desk at work, and it’s really too slow to use on a regular basis. The 2012 can’t be much better, and it only comes with half the RAM.


Looks like with a bit work you CAN get Catalina to run… probably won’t be the fastest, but with an i5 processor it shouldn’t be TOO bad.

This is older, slower, and with less RAM and storage than my 2012 iMac. Yes, they are the Old Faithful of desktops, but will be obsolete soon. My desktop can’t run a bunch of my software anymore. No, thanks.

I need one of these with a version of OS9, for a specific program I have to run for my business, but I don’t have OS9 disks to load it… suggestions?

I’ve got the 2012 version. I upgraded it to Catalina with zero issues. Don’t know about the 2011 version. I use this older mac mini as a music server to play 24/192 and DSD files for my audio system.

I have this exact model 2011, purchased a few years ago. As mentioned it can’t run Catalina without hacking. It runs Mojave just fine. I installed a 2nd sled with a SSD from OWC. Makes the device much faster and usable.

If you have some old FW drives or devices. I have an old FW slide scanner, then these Minis are some of the last with a FW port.

AFAIK, OS9 will not run on Intel CPUs. I believe you need PowerPC Macs for that. However, Older versions of MacOSX Approx Snow Leopard and lower include Rosetta, which is a translator or early virtualization engine to run OS9 apps under MacOSX. You should first do some online investigation into your needs and specific version of MacOSX that has Rosetta, but then Apple sells MacOSX Server in the older version and you can also find copies of older MacOS (workstation) on web (ie torrents etc).

According to Woot’s published specs, these Mac Minis support up to 16GB RAM, and the disks are removable SATA-3 2.5". There is only a connection for a single SATA disk. One can obtain upgrades for memory and disk and a kit to add second-disk capability at eshop macsales com. From a price perspective, it may be better to shop around for ram and disks (macsales can be pricey at times), but the $33 two-disk support kit is a reasonable price.

Also, the link offered by another poster above with how-to-hack Catalina support says that Catalina supports the Late 2012 (4gb) Mini…

Looked it up on; a good site to compare Mac models.

" Compared to the 2011, (, this model looks identical, but it has a faster internal architecture with a faster processor, faster graphics, faster RAM, and USB 3.0 ports."

And as mentioned earlier, it can run Catalina, and like the 2011, you can add a 2nd sled, internally, so you could have a main drive and a secondary drive for data, or Time Machine, or an older OS you want to run. Adding ram is easy, and adding 8GB is less than $40, so the 2012 is the better buy, if you ask me.

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Well as far as speed goes, with someone mentioning them being too slow, maybe in their current state they would be. I have the 2012 model with 1TB and 512 SSDs inside, maxed out with 16 gigs of RAM and trust me, it definitely isn’t slow. Absolutely legit Mac to use in 2019 unless you want to game, graphics card is archaic, but hey, this is a Mac we’re talking about.

And for the record, I have zero interest in Catalina at this point, so my experience with this is on Mojave, which runs great on this machine.

So, yeah, unless you plan on upgrading to an SSD (which everyone should) and bumping up the RAM to at least 8, then yeah, they might run a little slow.

An SSD upgrade, along with more ram, can be had for dirt cheap these days. Makes these machines fly. I’ve had two 2012 models before, and with the upgrades, performed exceptionally well considering the price.

You should add memory if you want it to run quicker

I’ve seen some articles that say the 2012 can take 32 ram. Have a feeling that’s not true because when I search for chips it maxes out at 16 at crucial