Apple Mac Mini Intel i5 500GB SATA Desktop

Apple Mac Mini Intel i5 500GB SATA Desktop

Damn. RAM is not upgradeable, making this a hard pass. It’s curious, however, that 4GB are listed rather than the base spec 8GB? Copy/paste error writing up the title?

Possibly. Title is “Apple Mac Mini Intel i5 1TB SATA Desktop”, but specs say “500GB (5400-rpm) hard drive”.

A 4GB configuration was possible, though.

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I agree! If you can’t upgrade the RAM and hard drive, hard pass. The Mac Mini with the i7 processor is from 2012, and you can upgrade that model.

Looks like these have been fixed?

Not yet. Subject description still says 1TB.

In the forums? Fixed.

Well, there’s that too, but I believe it’s because it’s a result of the original product/subject.

Ok, I think we’re good now. :\