Apple Mac Mini


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Apple Mac Mini
$499.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

Product List:

  • 1 Apple MA723LL/A Mac Mini (Late 2006) 1.83Ghz/1GB RAM/80HD/Super Drive

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does it work with macs? & where’s the feet?.. um… I mean screen.

I’m no mac expert (see above joke), but:

found a cool site commenting on the suitability of ubuntu (linux) on a mini mac:

Question: Specs don’t seem to include s-video, component, or composite outputs. If you put mythtv on this, what would be the best way to output to a TV?

Edit: Question Answered:



My mac mini is the PERFECT bathroom computer. or it’s small enough to hide liturally anywhere




prices on various mac mini configs


Well, something for all the Mac Lovers’ out there, finally.


WOW! There $599 and up at!!

AMAZING! Too bad I don’t have the money to spend. :frowning:


How much do these things usually cost? Are they still made? Why do people buy Apples? This CERTAINLY is not the thinnest laptop, is it? Nor is it the table lamp model apple. Apple is always designing furniture. Meh.


makes a pretty good HTPC. Nice deal


Betcha it don’t work with an iPhone. :slight_smile:


Well. Mac Mini’s in general get really good reviews on Amazon, 4 or 4.5 on average.

CNET gives them 6.7s to 6.9s.


You bastards. … how did you know I just got my tax refund … ARGGGHGGHGH


This would be nice to toss in the glove box or trunk for mobile computing! Plus, it’s new! Amazon has it for about $600 shipped. Nice deal Woot!


I would love a Mini, Ive been waiting forever to have an actual piece of mac hardware to run the programs that I want to run in OSX but I dont know enough about them to know if this is the best deal. Also, It IS fairly limited in its use, you cant add anything that isnt USB/1394 (the flipside of this is that most aftermarket products we would install are this interface).



What a rip off. That’s like so old. Only a Core Duo. You can get a new Core 2 for 599.


Core Duo lol. Thats about as fast as a Pentium M. Core 2 Duo would have been nice.

Also, the $505 price tag, not cool.


Nice Woot! My wife loves her Mac Mini. We also use one at the office to drive a large message board. Perfect for over a year.


That product description sure shut me up… But does it work with Linux? On top of that, isn’t the woot price the retail price? I thought that didn’t happen.


No leopard ?