Apple MacBook Air 11" Intel i5 128G Laptop

$4 more for a non-scratch/dent from the mothership:

This one has a solid state drive–yours is mechanical drive and has a different processor. Nice try to shill for the Bezos though.

go read the specs again.

Read the reviews for that one. many people complaining about scratches and dents…

You do realize that Woot is an Amazon owned company?

And your point is?

Just a lost Windows guy here, have been wanting to pick up a basic Mac to explore and maybe do some document creation with. Thing is, buying new is kinda… intimidating. Does this machine have reasonable performance / speed, or is it like the Windows-based netbooks or budget laptops?

Whaaaaaaaaat? When did this happen?

It’s a four-year-old laptop, and was sort of low-end (for Apple, not for Windows) even when it was released, so it’s not like it’s going to be screamingly fast or anything. I wouldn’t game on it, but for document creation and browsing and Netflix and the like it’s twice what anyone needs. And it will take the latest version of OS X. My folks have one that’s from a few years earlier and except for a dying battery, which I could replace for around $50 if I wanted to, it’s still going strong for anything they do with it.

Point being, if you’re looking to get your toes wet in the Apple ecosystem, this wouldn’t be a bad first choice, assuming you’re ok with a refurb that may have some cosmetic issues.

The thing to know about Apple is that their stuff isn’t cheap, but they also don’t make garbage. Even their low-end stuff is way above low-end Windows stuff, especially in the little details like build quality and screen. Apple doesn’t really cut corners to get a cheap price on a computer, they just don’t release a cheap computer with a lot of cut corners.

There are no mechanical drives in MacBook Airs.

I’m just reading what Jeff wrote on his website. It says specifically, “mechanical drive”.

But look. I’m no fanboi, so y’all go right ahead and give Bezos your money. I really don’t care what you do. I know I won’t be buying anything anywhere from the evil overlords at closed-system Apple.


It’s ok, baby.

Thanks hunny bunny…I need some cookies and a nap.

This push-back against Woot over AMZN is interesting, considering the one on AMZN is being sold by a third-party seller.

If I was into conspiracies, I might think that a third-party seller might be posting here to disparage Woot.

This was an excellent iteration for this Air. It was not what I would consider lower end - the RAM at 4G and SSD at 128GB are both twice what the initial product offered. 4GB of RAM on a Mac is very, very fast. The solid state drive is very, very fast.

I have the 13 inch, with similar specs, and gaming is flawless, and I use it to teach, never had a problem with it. The case is much more durable than the new MacBook.

This is a good machine and a good price, although I don’t know the extent of the scratch and dent.

I work for Apple, and I do not know what kind of gaming you are doing on this because, this machine is basically good for document creation, netflix, and web browsing. And non upgradeable(unless you put a memory card in it).

The ram is twice what the “inititial” product offered ten years ago…