Apple MacBook Air 11" Intel i5 128GB SSD

Does new mean new, never used? How new is new? Just would like more detail

New is new. No hidden gotchas. Just new.

I must agree, the information on this particular item seems a lot more limited than other similar products. I went ahead and ordered one because I figured it can’t come with anything less than the 90 woot warranty which all of the other “new” apple products are being offered with. I asked my infinitely more tech savvy friend who told me the scratch & dent refurb is a much better deal at $379, but I’d rather pay $160 more to have something mint. Under $600 after tax for a brand new MacBook Air? I’ve been stalking woot for one of these since they started releasing these “new” old macs. I also saw a post by someone on here who mentioned that AppleCare can still be purchased for these, but I’m not sure… probably worth looking into.

100% Lies!!! “New” is not even remotely new! I just got mine and there is wear to the body and screen so I looked a little deeper and found that the battery cycle count is at 256! With an estimated 10 hour battery life that means this laptop has been used for over 2,500 hours! This laptop is not just used, it is very, VERY used. This is an aggregoius violation of our consumer protection laws. Shame on you Woot!

So if this laptop had been used for over 2,500 hours you shouldn’t call it “new” then, right? Because mine was. I think that qualifies as a pretty big “gotcha.”

I’m really sorry to hear that! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

I was able to speak with someone yesterday who said I’d have to wait for someone to call me back today. I’m still waiting. I’ve tried to call you and very suspiciously no longer have that option even though it was quite simple before. From the MA consumer protection website:
“It is illegal … to make false or misleading statements about a product…, to try to pass a used product off as a new one”.
Why aren’t you taking this more seriously? I’ll be happy to file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office first thing tomorrow morning.

I’m sorry for the delay. Let me check in with CS for you.